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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by Woodsman, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Woodsman

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    Ive noticed on most forums that most peaple prefer power over accuracy and common sense, Why? Ive owned many magnum hand guns - rifles - shot guns, But nothing beats, the simple 22. My question is, sarcasticly. In your life have you taken more game with a 22, or a 500 nitro express ? Just wondering.
  2. canebrake

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    I spent 3/4 of my small game hunting with my Dad using a double barrel 20 ga and he had a 16 ga pump. Never noticed getting any less game than the neighbors.

    Bought and shot my first 12 ga at 21. Wasn't looking for a 12, just what they had in stock.

    The only rifle I shot/owned was a 22 lr untill I was 40.

    Now when it comes to a hand gun, I have shot a 45 ACP all my life. I have other calibers but just feel way more comfortable with the big bore. Knda like that leather coat you've had too long. Probally could or should change but just can't bring myself to do it.

    Woodsman I think I get it! Good point.

  3. dragunovsks

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    I've killed a lot of squirrels and rabbits with my .22 rifle as well as your everyday rural pests like stray cats, possums, and raccoons.
  4. MrKimber

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    I have mostly hunted for food. Mostly with a 30-06 and a 44 magnum Marlin 1894. A few years ago I started hunting with a S&W 500 magnum and I love it. Lighter than a rifle and easier to carry, but still plenty of power to take what you need to. I live in Oregon (western) and I don't have to worry about long range shots. [​IMG]
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  5. c3shooter

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    Good point. Spent 2 hrs on the 50 yard line today with 3 Mossberg 22s that are from 1950 or earlier, and outshot everybody that had an m-14 clone, AK, AR, or SKS.

    HOWEVER- I also shoot .308, .243, 303, 8mm, etc etc etc. And 45, 357, 9mm. Partially because it is fun. Partially because no one gun is gonna do it all, and do it well. If someone is kicking in the back door, my first choice in the rack is going to be 12 guage, not 22. Deer hunting at 300 meters, well, it is gonna be centerfire. Taking my lady shopping at 9:00 PM? 357 snubbie goes on the belt.

    Taking some of my grandkids (or as I call them Anarchists-in-training) out for a day at the range? Yeah, grab those 3 boxes of bulk Remington out of the Jeep, and pick out a 22 that you want to use today.
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    Don't reccommend any clamp on bases?

    Sorry I'm a one shot person myself. yes I own magnums and I'm still a one hole group shooter if possible?
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  7. gorknoids

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    The .22 is lethal, and cheap. As a teenager, I hunted rabbits and squirrels to the point where they had to be airlifted in from as far away as Easter Island and San Francisco. Woodchuck hunting was a different matter. Before long, the .22 was left home, and I tried out such things as 12 GA slugs, .270, 30-30, and .223.
    Never tried woodchuck fishing, but it sounds like a riot.