To carry or not to carry? Asking advice

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    Hey all, first time in this particular forum, just joined here yesterday. Love the honesty, respect and guidance everybody seems to show on here so far. Hope you will forgive me for asking on here something that has likely been brought up many, many times. However, on a break at work here and don't have time to read all of the please forgive me for asking here again:

    A guy here at work is going to hook me up with a pistol (.22 just to get started on, likely [hopefully] will get 'addicted' to shooting and collecting once I see how this works out.

    Anyway, I've only been here a couple of months (hence the looking for a new hobby/interest). He runs the local gunclub, has a dealers' license, and also teaches most of the firearms safety courses (including for conceal and carry) for the county. I was asking him yesterday if I should just go ahead and pay for the permit and take the class now, "just to have it". His reply was that there is absolutely no need for it, as it is safe around here and "when do you ever feel so unsafe that you need to conceal and carry?"

    So, since I never go on just one word alone, what say you? Is it really worth having, or is it just kind of "inviting trouble" so to speak? What are the positives and negatives of having one? Do I need one to go from state A to state B with my gun in the car? What if I'm driving through some wacked out neighborhood and my car breaks down, without a conceal and carry, can I have the gun out of the case on the seat next to me?

    Sorry for the several questions, but I'm really wanting to know why I should or should not get one of these permits.

    Thanks in advance......
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    I don't see many downsides to having a carry permit, but i haven't signed up yet due to where i live. In MS, i can have a concealed pistol in the car; this is the only time i've had concerns. I will probably get one at some point, probably the week after i find out why i needed one.

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    I don't think your friend is being very logical. I'd be willing to bet that 99% of all victims of crime felt safe prior to the crime. Your "feelings" have nothing to with being prepared. What do all the victims say after they have been attacked? They either say: "I never thought that would happen to me." or "I never thought that could happen in this area."

    It can happen anywhere, anytime to anyone.
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    Join the NRA and subscribe to one of their monthly magazines. There are reports of people who have relied on their firearm for different reasons.
    But the same theme is there, the people involved were not expecting any trouble.
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    +10 this is the answer.
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    having a permit in a lot of states greatly eases the transport of firearms. some states also use the permit as your background check when buying firearms. just because you have a ccw permit doesnt mean you gotta carry a gun.

    no downside to having one.
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    Well, I think rjd covered the whole, carry vs. not carry issue. And I certainly don't call it inviting trouble. It's concealed. You can't invite trouble if they don't know you have it on you.

    Now, you permit is only valid in the state it was issued and any other state that honors it. You can find that out here:

    As for having a firearm in your vehicle, you would need to check you state laws on that. It varies from state to state.

    Big thumbs up!

    Crime happens everywhere. Better to have something that you never have to use than not have it and need it desperately.

    And, and this too.
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  9. Seven

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    If that's the dude's true feelings, I can't believe he bothers to teach a concealed carry class.

    I'm not sure about Iowa, but in NC if you have a CHL you don't have to buy a permit when you purchase a handgun. That alone is worth it to me to have a CHL.
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    Benefits of getting a carry permit:

    1) Right to carry.
    2) Easier to transport your own firearms without fear of potential legal issues.
    3) It's a background check can be an asset during private sale transactions.
    4) Wally World Walk.


    1) If you struggle to obey the law, you've just given your state a fresh set of prints and all your info.
    2) Gotta fork over a few bucks.

    To me, the benefits greatly outweigh the cost. Even if you don't carry every day on your person, it's nice to be able to tuck a gun in a packpack when you're headed for the woods or under your truck seat when you're headed to an unfamiliar area.
  11. Olympus

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    I just refuse to feel like a sheep with no way to protect myself. I don't want to ever feel at the mercy of someone else for my life if I can help it. That was reason enough for me.

    I was talking to people I work with about why I carry and they can't seem to understand it. I just said look at the NY pharmacy shooting. Any one of us could have been in there shopping for cold medicine, minding our own business when someone walks in and starts shooting. If I have the choice, I'm not going to live my life on the chance that something like that won't happen to me.
  12. c3shooter

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    mrspoctalk.jpg click the pic

    My current home has not burned down, so there is no need for the fire extinguishers in my house.

    I have never fallen out of my boat, so there is no need to wear a life jacket.

    My kids have never been electrocuted, so I don't need those outlet caps.
  13. CHLChris

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    I carry in part to carry me and mine. But I also very much feel a calling in society to be a protector. Nutnfancy (on YouTube [ame=""]HERE[/ame]) describes the "Sheepdog" concept. Certain people feel the calling to serve others, if needed, by remaining in a perpetually prepared state through training and tools.

    If you feel like it is right for you, then carry.
  14. ScottA

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    There are many benefits to getting the CCW permit and no downside... unless you flat out just don't want to spend the money which is tiny in Iowa.

    I have never had a fire, but I will never go without fire insurance. And do you know you are more likely to be a victim of violent crime than have a house fire?

    Now I know Storm Lake isn't exactly a crime hotspot, but why not get it?
  15. bontrager92fs

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    There should be no reason not to get one. easier to transport, you can even shoot at ranges that require CWPs. Just dont do anything stupid like pull it out at a restaurant to show your buddy or shoot someone that flips you off on the road. Your mind is the weapon.
  16. therewolf

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    The main reason I got my CWP was to ease gun purchases.

    But I also carry. If you don't use it, you lose it.

    The main reason I carry? I'm worried my gun might get ripped off

    if I leave it in the car...:D
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    I can understand your friend's point of view, though I don't agree with him on aspects of it. I think, as a citizen, having a CCW is a duty to the Constitution even beyond the basic human right to self preservation.

    However, a CCW is a responsibility and is not to be taken lightly. As someone mentioned, there is some increased scrutiny. Beyond this, you really must learn not only the state laws, but often be aware of local ordinances and where they do and do not apply.

    There's also an almost life-changing switch on how you approach confrontation. Court cases are not very friendly to those who play sheriff. If you're the type of person who would normally try to break up a fight, maybe defend a buddy even if he's in the wrong, run to the sound of a fight rather than stay put, then you absolutely need to be in control of your emotions so that you do not escalate a fist fight into a shooting.
  18. RairWeatherSmok

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    IF you carry, and I do, you have determined that you are willing and able to take another's life if you are directly threatened. Pull the gun and intend to kill!! It is not like the movies "Stop or I will shoot".

    Some will disagree with this, but it's my point of view.

    BTW, a .22 is NOT a good place to start.
  19. WDB

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    Tail, your friend might be giving you reasonable advise considering your trigger time. Get a nice .22 and learn the basics first. I think your friend s down playing the need to have a CC based on your current ability. The LAST thing you need to do is be armed with out the training to use the firearm if needed. You might shoot some one other than the bad guy, you might lose your firearm to the bad guy and have it used on you. More than the pistol in hand is the training of the person who holds that firearm.

    No reason to rush in, lot's of folks will tell you it's your right. It's a lot more, it's a major responsibility to handle the firearm in a mannor it isn't a threat to the good people around you. Take your time, learn and when qualified to do so by all means carry
  20. winds-of-change

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    Excellent post. Thank you for stating it that way.