To blue or not to blue???

Discussion in 'Engraving & Refinishing' started by chaz1966, Sep 3, 2013.

  1. chaz1966

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    Marlin 336. After hours of filing, sanding and rust removal, I started to really appreciate the new look. Although I was able to file out most of it, upon very close inspection, you can still see some pitting. I would really appreciate some feedback of the pros and cons and aesthetic opinions. Thanks

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  2. mountainman13

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    Pics a bit small to really be able to see much.
    I think it would look pretty cool if you finish what you started and Polish it up.
    It'll be a pita to cold blue the entire thing and get a good finish.
    Welcome to FTF.

  3. trip286

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    Yeah, it's a tough call. That looks sharp as hell. Maybe some flitz and a quarter ton of elbow grease...

    Otherwise, I'd send that to someone to have blued, unless you have the equipment at home. I recently cold blued a 1911, and it was enough of a pain. I wouldn't do it with a rifle.
  4. blitzen25cat

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    First off WELCOME TO THE FORUM FROM SE INDIANA. If it were mine I would have it blued. It shouldn't be too expensive since you have it broke down and cleaned up. It'll be a tough choice but I'm sure it'll turn out just fine. Post some pics when you are done. Good luck and God bless. Dick