To believe or not to believe.

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  1. shadecorp

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    I used to think our government was the best, always looking out for us, the people.
    Now it seems they are just looking for us.
    I still get into the same argument with people,
    putting it simply,
    I blame the welfare state of mind.
    The guvmint is our friend
    as long as the guvmint keeps slopping the through.

    As has been said
    Don't argue with a fool,
    people wont know whose the fool.

  2. locutus

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    And this was not picked up by Rush, Hannity, Fox, BBC, Pravda, Reuters etc, etc although published in the EU times???? Really?????
  3. RJMercer

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    Methinks the EU times is the equivalent of our Enquirer or Weekly World News.
    Had there been much truth at all to the attempted coup claims there would have been other indicating factors. Like the DOW taking a sharp rapid plunge and everything on the planet that has any ability to report anything news-ish related would run it non stop wall to wall till after Nov 2016.
  4. Chainfire

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    This doesn't come close to passing the sniff test. It reeks of male bovine fecal matter.
  5. locutus

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    We all know that JFK, Reagan, Hoffa and Elvis are plotting this in the command center of their UFO!:eek::eek:
  6. gr8oldguy

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    I tried to read the article but after the first few paragraphs the room started filling with a familiar stench. I close to where cattle are raised. That being said, I am blessed to have been born with an sixth sense. I never take anything at face value.
  7. DrumJunkie

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    What's that funky smell?

    OK...Lets say it was true that these two planes got whacked. That was enough to stop a coup that had the acorns to topple the U.S. governments big cheese? I would have thought that they would have more resources than that. I mean, if I'm going all in and I'm part of a military coup then the two planes would have been acceptable losses. No armed people storming DC? Just these two planes...mmmmmmmk. That alone is enough to not be able to believe much of all this. Is there people in the military that have thought about it? I'd say so. But no one has acted because it would have to be huge in manpower and resources to get past anyone protecting Dr. O.

    I imagine there is a grain of truth somewhere in all that stuff. But it's so buried in speculation and out right fantasy with no way of having any kind of source that none of it can hold water.

    I'll admit though it's a hell of a story. Probably make a great book or even a movie.

    Even if this was all true those guys are just GOP cheerleaders that know all too well that both the big two parties have hands so filthy that they could not jump on this without exposing some of their cherished republicrats (republicrittters...?). Rush is a little less a cheerleader but the other guys have the short skirts with elephants on the rump.

    The EU Times admits to not having many if any external sources for many stories.

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  8. locutus

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    Uhhhhh..... The BBC, ultra-liberal Reuters, and Pravda are Republican cheer leaders????:confused:

    Geez! I learn something new every day!:p