To Bear Spray or Not To Bear Spray

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by ScottA, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. ScottA

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    We are heading to Alaska at the end of this week.

    Anyone here have any experience with bear spray? Got any recommendations?

    Yes... I would love to have a 12ga or a .454 along for the trip, but it is not possible. The first half of the trip is on a cruise ship, so no way to bring along a firearm. Besides, I don't have anything large enough to do anything effective other than annoy a bear.
  2. ryguy00

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    Well do you want to be original recipe or spicy for the bear?

  3. fmj

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    Check it out about the 4 minute mark. This doesnt show just how close it was considering he was more intent on himself and client than filming...hes also had CLOSER encounters than this. This is a buddy of mine that is a guide on the Pere Marquette river in MI, he also owns a bait and tackle shop in Baldwin/ He also runs some destination trips...he goes up to his cousins place in AK and guides for a month out of the year.

    This is something that is on my bucket list. When/IF i ever get totgether the coin to do this for 10 days its gonna happen...the ONLY thing that will get me on an airplane....he REFUSES to carry a gun...only bear spray. I say hes NUTS!!
  4. JonM

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    personally if i gotta go in the woods in bear/mountain lion/wolf territory without a large caliber firearm i would only do it with someone that is slower and fatter than me.

    if you are forced to go with skinnier faster people take the bear mace and stand in the rear. bear charges just spray the first guy that turns to run and your safe...