Tips for handling Recoil

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by LeroyPanzer, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. LeroyPanzer

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    When using semi-automatic handguns, what are some tips for handling recoil?

    I have tried using two hands, tried bracing my lower rist on top of my left arm, etc...
  2. FALPhil

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    The two best tips I ever got:

    1. Follow through.
    2. Use handloads loaded light if you are flinching and work your way back up.

  3. Cliff47

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    One addition I have used in a couple of my pistols is made by, a dual spring recoil reduction unit that replaces the entire recoil spring with a shock absorber-like affair. The spring takes up the initial recoil until the shock absorber is encountered, then the slide is slowed at the end of the slide travel. Installation is a breeze, and just drops in. The unit reduces the battering on the frame/slide stop and makes follow-up shots that much quicker (if needed). Reminds me of what one of my uncles used to say "You can't get away from recoil, but you can manage it".

    A good solid hand grip, let your elbows take some of the action, and like FALPhil said above.
  4. ScottG

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    38 recommends a heavier spring to reduce recoil, it might be the same for any of the "lesser" semi-autos....:D
  5. stipilot

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    That's exactly the wrong advice. You want a lighter spring. The amount of reward momentem is going to be the same either way but the slide slams shut harder with a heavier spring and the harder it shuts, the more the muzzle will dip. The caveat to a lighter spring is it may be a bad idea for a self defence gun and if you go too light, it will beat up your frame.

    The only thing that is going to make the recoil less apparent is shooting less powerful ammo, using heavier bullets which doesn't change the overall recoil it just spreads it out over a longer time (millisecond or two), or add weight to the gun.

    Having said all that, have a skilled instructor make sure sure stance and grip is correct and shoot 10,000 rounds. After that, you won't even notice recoil!