Tips for a leftie shooter?

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by thatonespot, Jul 20, 2013.

  1. thatonespot

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    My little brother enjoys shooting, but he is a lefty. We have no "lefty guns" and we certainly don't have the money to buy one. I was wondering if any of you lefties (or righties) have learned any tricks for a left handed shooter to survive in a righties world?
  2. Gatoragn

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    Extra, double important to always wear safety glasses when shooting semi-autos.

    One of my brothers had to learn to shoot southpaw due to weak right eye. He always knocked down his fair share of dove, ducks, pigs, etc. using right hand guns.

    Otherwise, shoot early, shoot late, shoot often and shoot safe.
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  3. Lonewolf44

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    I have always shot left-handed, and have never had any problems shooting right-handed rifles or shotguns. I bought my first left-handed bolt-action rifle last year, and sold it after a short time period, it just didn't feel right since I have never shot one before. He should be fine shooting anything. Just make sure he learns how to be Safe when shooting.
  4. JTJ

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    1st you need to find out which eye is dominant. He could be left handed and right eye dominant. You shoot to the dominant eye. It is not that hard for a lefty to shoot a right hand bolt rifle. My daughter is left handed and did fine.
  5. thatonespot

    thatonespot New Member

    He is left eye dominant. Thanks for the info guys.
  6. drvsafe

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    I've been shooting left handed for more than 20 years all with right handed firearms and never had an issue whatsoever. There are some firearms that are left handed but prepare to pay a premium. My only real issue is with some .22 pistols and some rifles. I have never had a problem with brass with and of my pistols. With ARs the issue I had is the gases going straight to my face on ejection so I bought a piston driven AR as opposed to a direct impingement model and case closed.
  7. JimRau

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    I am left eye dominate and have been shooting long guns LH for about 60 years now and it is real blessing since I have been a 'hired gun' for most of my life (30+ years in LE, 13 + years military with two combat tours). :) The blessing is when I am shooting a shotgun (pump or auto) or a semi-auto, pump, or lever rifle I can SEE THE EJECTION PORT which a RH shooter can not. Thus I can detect and correct most malfunctions BEFORE a RH shooter is even aware of the malfunctions.:D
    As for bolt guns that is a whole different story. Unlike lone wolf (above) I had the exact opposite experience. I sold a friend a LH bolt and he ask me to scope it and sight it in for him. Up to this time I had never used a LH bolt gun so this was new to me. I fired about 25 rounds though his rifle on the bench and seated and gave it to him. Well the next time I got out one of my RH bolt guns to shoot I found myself reaching for the bolt on the left side!!!! It is just so 'natural' to do I was extremely surprised. I sold or gave away all of my RH bolt guns and went to all LH bolt guns and have no regrets.:D
    Hope this helped.
  8. John_Deer

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    Savage makes a lot of nice left handed rifles. Go to Walmart to order a Savage. Their catalog is full of left handed rifles. They not any more expensive than the right handed rifles.
  9. Argyle_Armoring

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    I'm left handed and the only issue I have is the thumb safety on 1911's. I just install an ambidextrous safety and I'm good to go.
  10. kfox75

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    I have been left eye dominant for about 8 years now. i lost most of the sight in my right eye, and therefor had to adapt. I still shoot handguns right handed, but long guns are L\H only now.

    Depending on the style and weight of boltgun, I have learned to hold it on target, and manipulate the action by moving my left thumb out of the way of the bolt. Move the thumb over to the left of the action, and you are safe while doing so. Practice dry firing it while doing this first. Also, don't crowd the action. Stat clear of it as you would a scope.

    Jim Rau makes an excellent point in mentioning his ability to see the ejection port, and due to this, being able to get on clearing issues faster. Thanks for posting this Jim. I just learned a pretty good tip from your post.

    Finally, some food for thought. The typical style of LH\LE and RH\RE does leave something to be desired when it comes to stability. Does it make sense to mount up the gun with the strong hand closer to the body and the weak hand further out, thus holding more of the rifle's weight? Or, with a handgun, what do you do when the cover in a SD situation will not allow strong side shooting? OP, I will also recommend shooting both left and right handed for you and your brother simply because you never know. When I was younger, the ability to shoot either right or left put more than one deer in the freezer.

    Best of luck.
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  11. johnr1943

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    Power to the leftist..........:eek:
  12. DrumJunkie

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    I'm left handed right eye dominant. I shoot both left and right handed but have no trouble shooting a right handed gun. Hell, lefty's have been adapting all our lives.
    This is just one more thing. I've never had any real desire to buy a left handed gun. I do have one 10-22 with a left hand stock on it but that was more out of happenstance. I just happened to find the stock at a gun show. I like the color and when I picked it up I said "...Neat!"

    When I shoot left handed I rather move the gun a little or just use my left eye. Everything is a pain in the *** till you're used to it.:cool: