Tips for a first time 91/30 cleaning?

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    I'm picking up my first MN this Friday. The stamp on it says its a 1944 Izhevsk 91/30 laminated stock.

    It will be my first vintage rifle and I want to make sure I clean it properly. What are things I should look out for? I've heard of cosmolene etc. How do i remove it? Will my normal hoppes 9 work?

    any and all info is much appreciated!
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    Cosmolene is a thickish grease. Sometimes a LOT of it. It is melted to a liquid, rifle dunked, cools, sets up. There are DOZENS of ways of removing it. Ask 10 people here, get 15 ways of taking it off. I use Orange Goop waterless hand cleaner, soft nylon brush, then hot water. You will want to clean inside the bolt. Instructions for your rifle, and how to take down bolt HERE: Collecting and Shooting the Mosin-Nagant 1891/30 - HISTORY

    ALSO- there may be a thin layer of DRIED cosmolene in the chamber- read the part of sticky bolt syndome. Clean chamber with rod, brush, drill. Takes 30 seconds. Enjoy.

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    Nice!!! What C3 is saying is it is something you need to experience. I am smiling from ear to ear writing this. Every single 91/30 or M44 I have ever bought had a new issue of cosmoline infestation. I can now break one down, clean it and have it back together in 20 minutes. I like boiling water and Mineral spirits, but that makes 2 for 2 as C3 said. If you don't have brushes an old toothbrush will help for the trigger assembly. Now you need to pick up 2000 rounds of ammo. I get nervous when I'm down to 3 440 round cans. When you find that special ammo that it shoots well, stock up!! Yugo heavy ball, nothing else like it for surplus ammo.
    There is 1980's out there now.
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    awesome! thank you guys

    I'll be cleaning it when I get it on Friday and taking it out sunday afternoon.
    bought a few boxes of winchester 7.62's... 'bout a $1 a round. thank you for the link buddy, i will definitley be stocking up i already know im going to love this rifle.
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    you'll want to run boiling water down the tube every time you shoot milsurp ammo through it. I've found mine work a lot smoother with less oil in the action.When you break the bolt down be sure to use the bolt tool to set the firing pin when re assembling it. Have a ball, shoot safe and expect to own multi-Mosins.
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