Tips for a beginner?

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    I am a surgical resident living in Los Angeles and I'd like to take up shooting as a hobby to relax and to train my hands and breathing to be more steady for surgery. Being able to use the weapon for self-defense would be nice, since I live in a bad area in LA, but I am pretty careful so I doubt I will be carrying it much. I doubt I will do much hunting either but it could be interesting. Most importantly, I am still paying off my loans so I don't have that much extra money to throw around though. I just have a few questions to try to get myself started though:

    1) How much will it cost? For the gun, trainings, and license fees.

    2) Should I start with a handgun or a rifle? Which ones do you think would be best?

    3) What trainings should I get? And (for people in Southern CA) where should I take them?

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    Good luck with that!

    I fled cali in 1990 after the eco-nazis took over the fish & game dept! :rolleyes:

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    I am sort of in the same boat as you....getting back in the shooting sport after a long break (30 years).
    Best thing to do is to look in the local yellow pages for the nearest shooting range that offers beginner's training classes. The training will get you started safely. Also when checking out the ranges you should be able to find one that will rent different types of firearms for so much an hour so you can try out different revolvers and automatic handguns before you spend money on one.
    The classes will explain all the good and bad points of each type. Alot will depend on what you want the weapon for, target shooting, self defense, hunting, etc........Also there is alot of information on the internet about anything that has to do with firearms, just need to look around. hope this helps :)
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    Firearm cost is dependent on gun (its like asking how much does a car cost) having said that if your looking for a handgun, which sounds like what you would need for close quarter personal protection and possible carry. You would be looking at $500- 1000 average.

    Licenses etc……….Don’t live in CA, so can not help.

    As far as training goes: Spend as much as you can afford on GOOD training. Expect to spend $500 – $1000 min, for multiple days training with a professional instructor. RESEARCH your instructor. Tactical and Advanced Defensive courses are effectively teaching a person to use firearms or other weapons to defend yourself and possibly others, so this should not be compared with any of the shooting sports. Tactical shooting and sport shooting are NOT the same. Sport shooting is a great training aid for speed sighting and trigger control; it is not a substitute for real training.

    Good training is key to winning all fights, including gun fights. Obviously time, money and location / travel are key to what classes you take. Get as much training as you can, from as many instructional facilities as you can. Walk into each class with an open mind…..and be wary if the instructor or facility that is more focused on telling you how great they are, than teaching you how to improve your skills. You are paying for your time with the instructor……be careful of the instructors that just want to spend most of YOUR time and money telling you about his or her war stories...Buy a book, its cheaper!