Time to blow away the most rampant AK myth...

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    Seems like most people like to think of AK rifles as bullet hoses only able to hit closer ranged targets....

    ....time to put that to rest :)

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    Hey SGT, good to see you back. Hope all's well.

    I wonder what the hold-over is with that AK?

    Here's a Russian chart (in meters and cm) that shows the drop for the 7.62x39 in red, 5.45 in blue and 5.56 in yellow.

    But nothing out to 700yds or 900.

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  3. 7.62 Man

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    Your chart is close to right by my guns or at least the 7.62 & the 5.45 I don't own a .223 AK.
    Yes most shooters think of the AK as a spray-N-pray gun but in skilled hands it can reach out there.
    A few weeks back I was at the range & we had a few guys scoping in there long range bolt guns & ARs at the other side of the range.
    When they saw me pull out my AKs I could see them point & laugh. I proceeded to load my mags & set up the guns for my girl friend and I to have a little fun on the range. She started out popping water bottles 40 to 50 yards out with a scoped Bulgarian AK74, I picked up my Hungarian AMD 65 with original 12" barrel (loud little sucker) & worked on ringing the 100yd gong. The bolt gun boys were busy pointing, making funny comments & high five'n each other. I started walking my way out to the 200, 300 & 400 yard gongs with iron sights, the boys quieted down and went back to shooting. I picked up the Polish Tantal took the scope off & did the same thing that I did with the AMD. The boys had stopped shooting to watch us shoot, so I told my girl friend to work her way out on the gongs too. We got tired of banging the steel so the girl friend & I started calling out the position of pieces of clay pigeon laying on the berm behind the 300yd gongs.
    She would call out where a piece was laying & I would shoot it, then I would call out another piece & she would shoot it. This went on for about 15min until the pieces got too small to see. I could see the guys really didn't like AKs, so reached in the back of the truck & pulled out the Romanian PSL a few rounds from that started them packing up. After banging all the gongs with the PSL I pulled the shooting mat out & had my girl friend (she is only 4'6") lay down on the mat and take the gun. I loaded the mag up with 7.62x54r white tipped Czech hollow core practice rounds, (about the same recoil as a 5.45) this round only has a 43gr bullet and a full load of powder so it gives a big muzzle flash. I told her what dot to use on the mil-dot to compensate for the drop & she started banging the gongs. The boys tore out of there!
    I don't know why little women with big guns have that effect on some guys but it does. The girl friend gets a kick out of it too.
    I have let some of the more curious shooters come down a take a few shots, most are impressed with the ease and accuracy when shooting the AKs.
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    nice video SGT and good to see you back with informative info :)

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    I'm back?


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    Video wouldn't play. Look forward to it though.

    Usually those claiming that the AK isn't accurate aren't worth listening to.

    Edit: worked
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    Video worked for me. Just one minor issue...I didn't see what they were shooting.
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    I have no doubt that you can do it, but the average person would have a problem with that. I used to shot rifle targets at 500 yds and beyond, but It's hard to hit a 12" target when you can't see it. I have done it though, but it took weeks of practice and lots of luck.
    I did enjoy you're video though.
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    I love iron sights. Scopes from a rest bore me. My AK gas all the accuracy I need.
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    I had a WASR 10 that wouldn't hit the broad side of a barn at 100 yards. Had a Hungarian AKM back in 1988 that was accurate, but I never had a chance to fire it at any serious range. I can hit a man sized target without a rest at 200 yards with my SA vz-58 unmagnified...but our range only goes to 300 yards.