Tikka T3 Camo Stainless

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by dj973aust, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. dj973aust

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    I am currently living in Australia and am wanting to buy a Tikka T3 Camo Stainless in a .308.
    How ever the price for one of these guns in Australia are ridiculously expensive and am trying to buy one from The States.
    So far i have been unable to find any where that i can buy through who will import to Australia.
    So does any one out there know any places that i could buy this gun through and get it imported to Australia ? ?
  2. AleksiR

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    Why not try from the country they're made in ;) I'm not promising anything, but you could try contacting Armoria, a Finnish gun store chain. They're usually very helpful and they do mention on their website that they also export guns.

    .308 Tikkas are going for 800-1000 euros depending on the model. I'm not sure, but since you live outside of EU, they might be able to sell the gun tax free (~20% off the price).

    Check it out-> A R M O R I A - Company Overview

    Their email address is info@armoria.fi

  3. cpttango30

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    The reason is because there are import fees attached to the firearm. So buying it here and importing it there I am sure will cost more than just buying it there. Then you have to go through the whole process of registering the firearm there and I am sure that cost too. Govt doesn't do crap for free ever.
  4. AusLach

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    There is no way in the world that you are going to be able to import one here by yourself! Email the guy at RPG Firearms and see what his price is, in my experience his prices are always pretty good. If you can find one for under $1700 you're doing well, I doubt you'll fing many quality stainless rifles for under that. Alternatively, have you tried Sporty's in Bundall?? I went there yesterday and the prices are not too bad there either.