tikka 338 lite stainless?

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    whats yalls opion -is it worth money 600 or so ?or should i save up an buy a sako about double ? i plan on keeping the gun .and hows the KICK? id think it would be a killer. was reading this cal at 1200 yrds still had more knock down power than 44 mag at at short range? may not ever make it before i pass but plan on going to alaska to hunt .but fo now im in alabama.
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    Sweet Jesus Man - you are a glutton for punishment aren't you? :eek:

    Tikka, who's parent company I believe is Sako, is a very good, "lower" end of the production run Sako firearm. They will shoot, no question about that, but they lack some of the high end refinement of the Sako line.

    The .338 is just a punishing, brutal round - so yes, you are going to feel it. The benefit is that if you get to Alaska, you won't have to worry about humping an artillery piece into the brush to stay safe.

    For the price, it is a very good start on a completely effective hunting package. But damn, that sure is a lot of kick in such a light rifle. *winces*


  3. CA357

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    Tikka is an excellent quality rifle and like JD said, it's essentially an entry model Sako. I had a T3 Lite in '06 and it had some recoil to it. A .338 may hurt.

    However, if it will be a carry a lot, shoot a little rifle for you, it's a quality rifle and a great value.
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    When I was a much younger man I had a Savage in .338, kicked like a mule, what a rush. Hell of a cartridge IMHO.
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    im not recoil shy i shoot a 338 win mag Weatherby Vanguard but i would not buy a Tika Lite. Lite and magnums just dont go together.but then you might be tougher then im .250 grain bullets pushed by 75 grains of powder just dosnt sound like fun in a lite rifle
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