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    I've been reloading pistols forever. I just started loading 270 WSM. I started with 20 rounds to be sure I was happy with the loads before doing more. I'm using Redding dies in my Dillon. Here's the problem; They give a REALLY tight fit in the rifle. I have to push the bolt down harder than I'd like to. Other than that, everything is fine. I was wondering if perhaps I have the depriming/resising die sitting a bit high. I have it set to almost touch (but not quite) the press at its highest point. I didn't want it to actually contact because I was afriad of undue wear on the shellplate. Should I just lower the die and do you think it will solve the problem?
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    I cam over,never had a problem with the fit, but I use a single stage press. You might give it a try.

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    Yes, just lower the die.
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    #1 lower the die

    #2 take calipers and measure the overall length of the case and loaded rounds to make sure they are to spec per your reloading books.:rolleyes:
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    When resizing on a single stage press one generally starts with the die adjusted about the thickness of a nickel between the base of the die and the shell holder. The way a Dillon holds the case you must adjust the die down to about touching the shell plate to size far enough.

    Resize a case and try to chamber it in your rifle. The bolt should close fairly easily. If it is hard to close you may need to set the die down a bit.

    Check the case length. You may be trying to chamber an over long case. You could be jamming the case neck into the throat. This can and likely will cause pressures to rise to dangerous levels very quickly.

    Check the OAL (over all length). Make sure the round is not loaded too long. You may be trying to jam the bullet into the throat or rifling.
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    Sounds like you did not get the shoulder set back far enough, which means you need to lower your die.

    Also, get a case gauge to check your rounds. I worked up some loads for .308 on my single stage, and once I got it right, moved over to my 550. Well, 100 happy rounds later I noted that the rounds will not chamber. Checked in the guage (which I should have done earlier ), and found that I did not get the die low enough since the shell plate does depress slightly on the 550 and doesn't on the single stage. I now have that fixed, and 100 rounds to take apart.. :(