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My experience w/ belted Magnums is limited. When I bought my 7MM rem mag nothing was said about accuracy by the belted detractors. They could not stand any belt period. I can see and understand why the people that don't like the 7mm Rem mag if you look at on paper compared to .30cal mags and even standard or metric cartridges. But, it is so damb accurate and does everything I want it too.

W/ Barnes XFB 140 and 160gr is is a 500 yard rifle for Elk. Both are on the lower side of energy, but still within 1400fpe that I use and penetrate better then most other bullets I've tried. 500 yards is a long way. 400 yards or less is more managable and practical.
If you look at our history, the .45-70 almost pushed Buffalo and Grizzly to extinction w/ 2016fpe on the max side w/ a 300gr lead bullet in a lever gun. That is at 100 yards.
The 7mm Rem mag at 300 yards w/ a 140gr Barnes XFB delivers the same energy. Call me silly.
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