Thunder and lightening..!

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    :eek:It,s one of those days , lightening cracking , which reminds of days gone by . The old (photo powder flash) , but you can taste the O-zone , feel the energy !
    Then come's the thunder , that lowest of the human hearing decibel , the 20 - 200 hz spectrum.! Not just the sound , but the S P L , or sound pressure levels ,the stuff you feel to your bones , that rocks the ground beneath your feet that moves the very air about you .!

    I love a good storm , and especially when I,m out in the wilds . A speck of light within a sea of black ! The subtle glow of my illuminated tent skin , a port , my safe little haven ! Then comes the snare of water , crashing upon all things as though an infinite number of chaotic drummers were tapping at random upon all and everything.!

    Add the the good scary novel , me within my taunt domicile and my child-like imagination ! That's the setting no theater or movie can hold a candle to.! Nothing for miles , but my vague glow , my personal foot print my own little Eco system ! I don't know why this passion for fear and adrenaline drives me so , but
    I hope I stay as so simple a man to find pleasure in all things so trivial and small.! It,s the little things that make the important things so important at all.!

    My inner child and curiosities drive my imagination and that drives it all.! There is no (off) switch just continuous play.! I do wonder at times , will I ever grow up?
    And the answer to that is , Hmmmm..? :confused:
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    I love your posts, dango. Keep them coming.

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    Actually , that (Suck-eth)..! I mingle with some so called (professionals) at times
    And they've been trying to get me to write a book for years ..!
    Eeeek..! Well , I do talk a lot , but don't say much so , who knows..?

    One thing we do agree on , other than a very few people who really know me , it would be the only way I could get anybody to believe me..! :confused: they may be very well right , my wife doesn't even know me , Eeeek..!

    Fictitious (Dango)...! :confused:..Hmmm.? (Patuack)..? Hmmm..? :confused:
    Or , I'll become my dog..! :D

    Thee Misadventures of (Voolf).!
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    Don't do it if you can help it.:D We luv ya like ya are!:)
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    This is off twitter:


    Also, other reporting that Dallas getting it, Cleburne, Alvarado sirens going off all around.

    Hood County damage: 2 confirmed dead. 16 transported to hospital. 90 injuries to triage, per Hood County Commissioner

    Then you have a tsunami alert for San Diego, CA?