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    One of our new people asked "What exactly is the best way to remove the thumb safety on a 1911?"

    This is what works for me to remove:

    Unload, check, and check again that the firearm is unloaded.
    Put any and all ammo away from the area you are working in.
    Remove the slide assembly.
    Cock the hammer.

    The safety has two "positions". Off safe, safety engaged.

    The safety has to hit the "sweet spot" to be removed correctly. That is found by moving the safety in small amounts from the maximum travel "up" and going off safe.


    Although the video is mainly talking about a grip safety, it demonstrates also how to remove and install the thumb safety.

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    Invaluable post Dan!

    When you hit the "sweet spot" for your 1911, you will find that removing the thumb safety becomes as difficult as breathing.

    Why do you need to find this "sweet spot"? Think of this action (removing/installing the thumb safety) in the same way you unlock your car/house door.

    The lock has a keyhole;


    This action requires a key;


    You need to insert the key into the lock. To do this we automatically index the key to fit into the keyhole.

    The next time you have your 1911 stripped down to parts, practice/experiment putting the key into the keyhole sands all the other parts This will simplify why the "sweet spot" is important to understand....and find.

    This visual may help;


    In sample A. you can see that the thumb safety keeps the sear locked to the hammer.

    In sample B. you can see that the thumb safety has rotated down unlocking the sear.

    In sample C. the grip safety (the final safety) is rotated up unlocking the trigger and freeing rearward movement of the trigger hoop.
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    I found the sweet spot and used a non-marring object to push it partially out so I could get a hold of it. Thank you for the help!
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    excellent post Dan, and Cane the pictures of how it works are great! thanks for the information, as this one of my harder parts of reassembly too. when you get it in the right place, it usually falls right together, and this information helps in finding the right place.