three RND burst?

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by Broke124, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. Broke124

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    Can I assemble my AR I'm planning on building to shoot three RND burst? The reason I ask is because the lower I think I'm gonna use has a third multi bullet selector switch location. BTW. I don't mean can I do it legally, but rather can I do it without any excessive wear or harm to the firearm ?

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  2. FCross7

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    You can't do it legally. The third selector switch location is for looks only. You're safety selector won't switch around to the third location.

    And chances are your receiver isn't machined for the auto-sear anyhow.


  3. Sniper03

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    As you mentioned! Yep that would first of all be illegal to manufacture a class III NFA Weapon which you would be doing. Also there is more to making a select fire weapon than just a selector switch. If for example the selector would go back to a location on the receiver where the normal select fire location would be. In most cases it would act like another Safe position for the rifle. This alone would not make the weapon into a select fire or three round burst rifle. It would require machining, pin placement locations and more. Including an Auto Sear and parts! Maybe fun to think about but a terrible idea if acted upon! :rolleyes:

  4. Dillinger

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    Throw enough money at any engineering project and you can make it work.

    Just because an AR lower has paint on the side and a "third switch position" doesn't make it capable of firing multi or full auto. There are other relief and clearance cuts that are needed on the lower itself, special FFL (grey area) components and that pesky little "NFA of 1986" to worry about. :rolleyes:

    Unless you picked up a one of a kind lower from some Vietnam era storage house, I highly doubt someone has sold/given you a fully compliant lower that would faciliate the legal answer to your question.

  5. Broke124

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    10-4 lol

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  6. c3shooter

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    There is no space inside your reciever for the fire control parts that will permit full auto or burst fire. If a gun will convert with nothing but "drop in" parts, BATF will be having words with you about the expression "readily convertable".
  7. JonM

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    possessing a reciever that has been drilled and milled for dropping in FA parts is verbotten. dont do it. people who own registered drop in auto sears can only have one reciever at a time as such if it requires drilling or milling to fit the legally owned kit. some registered nfa rdias (registered drop in auto sears) drop in without major machine work.

    but you cant legally purchase three round burst parts without a tax stamp. no supplier will sell them to you without proof of ownership of a registered nfa firearm.
  8. sgttessnc

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    any way 3 round burst if fun for about one or two magazines unless your made of $. even when I was shooting in the military it translated into how much extra ammo I had to carry and load.
  9. RangeRat234

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    Like the Sgt says burst/full auto is fun for awhile but those rounds will add up. On more of a practical/tactical approach, depending on your control of the muzzle rise, how many rounds are going to hit an intended target? When comparing speed(rate of fire) and number of hits on target, semi-auto is a better choice.