Thoughts on the Ruger P94?

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by StanDJ77, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. StanDJ77

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    I pretty much got my heart set on a G23 but, i research different .40 cals (Springfield,H&K, etc) I havent seen much about the P94 though. I love how it looks but, havent heard much hoopla about this model. I also saw a video on field stripping and, it wasnt as simple as i hoped.
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  2. WDB

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    The P94 is pretty easy to take down, I have one and it's a good shooter. A bit large for carry but overall a fine pistol. .40 S&W tends to be a snappy round, this pistol tames the snap well due to the frame design. Get your hands on one and shoot it if you can, I think you will enjoy it. The reason you haven't heard much about the P94 is Ruger is pushing the P95 polly frame these days.

  3. doctherock

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    The ruger P94 is a very nice piece indeed. I owned one for 4 years and carried it as well. Accurate, easy to take down and a fine name in firearms.
  4. danf_fl

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    What may seem complicated to a person who is unfamiliar with the procedure, could really be easy.
    I've seen a Walther PPK lover get totally baffled when it came time to clean his new Glock after shooting (even with the manual there by him).
    YOU have to decide on what firearm to purchase. What works and feels good to me, may not work for you.
    Try as many as you can in a caliber that is readily available in your area. It does no good to buy a .38Super if you can't get the ammo.
  5. NGIB

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    A lot of one word opinions here: large, chunky, sturdy, reliable, and inexpensive...
  6. russ

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    I've had my P94 for about 12 years and it has always been rock solid reliable even when my maintenance was less than adequate. It eats anything and everything I've ever fed it, and shoots pretty well. I feel that they are a great gun for the money.
  7. RobDennis

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    Ive owned three Rugers P85 P90 and KP 345. The only one I sold was the KP345 and that was due to the gun itself being uncomfortable for me to shoot. Gun shot fine and was very accurate ( read on and youll see why I got rid of it). NONE of them have ever had a FTFire FTFeed, FTEject or stovepipe. Very reliable and pretty much bulletproof.
    While I know they are not the latest and greatest in the tacticool sexy division, they are reliable and built like a proverbial brick outhouse. And yes the metal framed Rugers are a bit on the heavy side but I prefer a heavier gun. I don't much care for the poly frame guns. Most have a metal slide and IMO it makes them top heavy. That's part of the reason i wont buy a XD or any other poly frame gun. I bought the KP345 cause the price was too good to pass up for a BNIB gun. I paid 250$ for it and later sold it for 400 when I realized I didn't care for the fit and balance. My buddy loved the 345 so just because i didn't care for it doesn't mean it wasn't a good gun.
    As for the HD scenario I dont think the caliber makes as much of a difference as what kind of ammo you are using. I prefer hollowpoints for HD rather than ball type ammo.
  8. Nra-Life-Member

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    I agree - they are all of the above..