Thoughts on the Chiappa .44 or .357

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by Court0861, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. Court0861

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    Wanting to pull the trigger on one of these babies just for the bad ass look to em. Any reports on them good/bad?!
  2. hardluk1

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  3. kbd512

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    I was shocked by how light they are. The trigger pull is pretty long, though.

    If it held 8 shots and they moved the rail so you could actuate a light with your support hand I'd buy one.
  4. JW357

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    I've never held one, let alone fired. But Jerry Miculek did a YouTube video on them. He doesn't like the grip angle at all. He admits if that's all he ever shot he would get used to it, but he says its radically different than most other firearms.

    He knows his revolvers. I trust his opinion on these things.

    Supposedly their design is great for reducing recoil, though. I've heard that from several sources.
  5. DrFootball

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    That's what makes me want to shoot on and see. If the wife is gonna insist thats all she is going to carry is a 5 or 6 shooter then I want to try and find something that lessens the recoil on a .357. It's either that or sent it to Michigan for a Mag Na Port job...
  6. John_Deer

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    My Ruger Blackhawk is not that bad, even with the "Ruger only" hot handloads. My wife is small and my niece is super petite. Neither one of them have any problems with my Blackhawk, with a 6.5 barrel. Both of the ladies are experienced shooters. My wife bought a Ruger SP101 357 mag with a 2.25" barrel for her EDC.

    The design of the Rhino does not lessen the recoil of the pistol. In fact, instead of the usual rocking motion that makes a balanced, conventional revolver, quick and easy to cock you take the recoil right in the palm of your hand with the Rhino.

    My wife was intimidated by large caliber handguns until I bought a Blackhawk 357/9mm convertible. She got used to the Blackhawk shooting 9mm cartridges. After a couple sessions with the 9mm she jumped right on the 357 mag. In less than six months after shooting the Blackhawk she came home one day with the SP 101. I also have a Charter mag pug with a 2.5" barrel.
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    The recoil goes straight through your forearm with minimal barrel rise for fast follow up. I have the snubby I love it but the guys I shoot with hate the grip. But my left wrist is messed up from a motorcycle accident so don't have full strength or rotation so its perfect to control