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Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by Beerbebud, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. Beerbebud

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    Ive noticed that these things are now selling for $600-700 on I just wanted to get some opinions on what will happen of they are classified as machineguns. I remember the akins accelerator in the 90s the atf said it was legal then turned around and said no its a machinegun. Alot of people had to surrender them or face prosecution. What are your thoughts on this being the case with bumpstocks? Since a machinegun has not been able to be manufactured since 1986 they can not be grandfathered since they were illegal when produced. I think alot of people are gonna wind up wasting alot of money just to turn around and have to give up their item to the ATF. Thoughts?
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    this isn't the section of the forum for such topics. this is for help with forum issues.

    besides, there are already two threads on the subject. just saying.

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  3. Rex in OTZ

    Rex in OTZ Well-Known Member

    I think a limitation of rounds fired per second will limit future production of such things.
  4. PaBushMan

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    I have no need for one. But if they do ban them. It could lead to other items being banned later down the road.
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  5. Chainfire

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    Yea, an Mother's milk leads to cocaine.....I am not impressed by "slippery-slope" or "domino" arguments. You best hope that they are banned by BATFE actions and the issue doesn't get into the Congress to deal with. That is why the NRA isn't fighting it.

    We saw what the bump-fire stock was well suited for. After the law suits are over they production will probably be stopped. It will just be a matter of what happens to the ones already in circulation. It would tickle me if the folks who paid $800.00 for them, on speculation after the shooting, had to cut them up.
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  6. Rex in OTZ

    Rex in OTZ Well-Known Member

    I could see the attraction of such a thing in a entrtainment light, I knew fellows that would have gotten a kick shooting such a thing out at the gravel pit.
    But there will always be folks that will use it for a dark purpose.
  7. harkersislandnc

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    Banning the is asinine. It is simple to bumpfire without one. what I worry about is that by banning the stocks the door would be opened for banning light triggers/springs/buffers etc. That said I allways thought they were dumb as hell. watch the video to see what a trained shooter can do with a Gesissele SD 3 gun trigger.

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  8. prosa123

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    A couple of months ago I was at the range and a man was using one, but then the range officer told him to stop and warned him if he tried to use it again he would get booted out.
  9. jackrich3

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    Waste of ammo, you ask me. I'd be more effective with an 03A3, one shot.....
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  10. Ghost1958

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    Don't own one.
    ATF isn't going to touch this.
    The NRA knew they wouldn't when they kicked the door open for a flood of anti gun legislation with their stupid statement.

    Now they predictably are wheedling for money to fight the anti gun bills, anti ammo, anti you name it, THEY willingly invited.
  11. 303tom

    303tom Well-Known Member

    Bump Stocks are a waste of ammo !............
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  12. phideaux

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    I have had guys bring the bump stock ARs to my shoot , in years past, and of 40-50 guys, who tried it, almost no one could make it work.

    Only 2-3 guys, after lots of trying and practice , finally got it to work, sorta ( short burst at best).

    It's not something your just gonna pickup and start firing like full auto.

    It takes a certain feel and grip (or non grip) to actually make it work.

    Even after trying and practicing I finally got it to go thru a full mag, and you certainly don't have the control to be accurate and precise. Maybe after lots of practice.

    IMHO...they are totally a toy thats useless, and would never buy one

    BUT, I don't want anybody telling me that I can't buy one if I so desire.[​IMG]

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  13. Dallas53

    Dallas53 Well-Known Member

    that is one pretty good assessment of the bump stocks and exactly the way i think and feel about them.
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  14. OldManMontgomery

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    By now, this is moot. ATF has decided not to reverse their prior opinion on the matter. With that in mind:

    1. I have no need for a bump fire device. In fact, no one makes one for any of my bolt guns.

    2. I find blaming an inanimate object for human misbehavior is the stupidest thought anyone can think. Just a little stupider than slapping a large, carnivorous bear across the snout with a fish.
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  15. Danoobie

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    After that latest thing in New York, anybody got any opinions on
    stock bumpers?
  16. RKB

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    From the picture that I saw, the truck appeared to be a Home Depot hourly rental. Cuomo and company will likely put a ten-day waiting period on a rental now.
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