Thoughts on BSA scopes???

Discussion in 'Optics & Mounts' started by JuniorRanger, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. JuniorRanger

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    Was thinking about getting a BSA 3-12X40 Sweet 17 Rifle Scope with Red, Green and Blue Illuminate Glass Etched Reticle and Multi-Grain Turret for my new savage 93r17 17hmr rifle.

    What do you guys think about the quality of these scopes and if it is a good buy for a 17hmr rifle????


    Bad quality but that's the new one:)
  2. Ranger-6

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    Yea, the BSA 3-12X40 Sweet 17 Rifle Scope would look good on that shooter, and would work just fine for you.

  3. Axxe55

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    i use the BSA Sweet 17 in 6-18x40 on my M93r17 rifle. i paid about $160 for it and for a rimfire rifle it works great. mine is very clear and hold zero very well. it has been on there for about a year. how well it holds up, only time will tell.

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  4. Triumphman

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    I've got a Sweet17 that I tried on my Savage 22LR, but it didn't work well for the rifle with it's turret setup, so I removed it and just waiting to get a new 17HMR for it. I liked the scope as glass was clear and A/O was spot on(lazer sighted).
    Also take a look at the newer Master Series-Simmons 44MAG(has red ring on elevation turret) scopes. I have one on a 22magnum in 4-12x44 with Side Focus and it's superb. They also make it in 6-24x44SF, with target turrets, in 1" or 30mm. Simmons Master Series scopes are what is called a "True 1-piece Tube", which means the eye piece is also a part of scope tube, and the lens is treated with "Hydro-shield" which is same as Bushnell's "Rain Guard". (Shooting Times by Dick Metcalf Sept 23, 2010---Simmons & Redfield: Redesigned for 21st Century). I'd not be afraid to get a new Simmons 44Mag again for any of my rifles, but I've not found another in my local area after I bought this one.
  5. LarryWMcneely

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    I have a sweet 223 and it works great , the only issue I had with it was that the turret increments for the 55 gr turret was close with factory ammo but way off with my loads . I just did the work at the bench and kept some notes and now I know that with a 55gr Amax bullet loaded with 25.0 gr of 2230 if I want to go from 100 yards to 200 yards I turn the turret to 135 yards and it is dead on . With factory ammo it is pretty close to what the turret says so I am not sure why my loads are so much hotter , I am not even close to the max . I have had mine for about 5 years and it has bean very dependable and spot on , I would buy another one in a heart beat especially if they made a sweet 300 win mag lol .