Thoughts on a CAI C93 ( HK93) clone

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by MrM4, Jul 16, 2011.

  1. MrM4

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    I have been thinking about picking one of these up from a Distruibuter as a host gun for a FA sear. I have been asking around different boards to try adn get an idea before buying one.

    C93 .223 Sporter Rifle - HK Clone #RIFLE-C93

    Has anyone owned one or been around them?

    Thoughts on function and quality?
  2. yellowhand

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    Got two of them.
    1st came with a bolt gap of 15 which is ok and has remained steady plus 1000rounds.
    2nd came out of box with BG of 7!
    Sent it back to CAI with note asking for one with BG of 16 to 19.
    Two weeks later, a NEW one arrived with BG of 19 and has remained there plus 500 rounds.
    Stocks on both of mine look new.
    Finish is fine for a military weapon, about like new issue M-16s.
    Welds are ok, mags fit fine.
    I like both of mine.
    Midway has 40 round mags at 21.00 or so a piece.
    Dam good triggers.
    Spare parts are expensive and hard to locate in decent shape.
    Reason I have two complete weapons.
    Accuracy is ok, about 1.5 at 100, better than my eyes.

  3. MrM4

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    Thanks for the input!