Those blue pills can help with that, you know.

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    So two weeks ago I was down at the VA clinic for a check-up and Doc says
    "You're kind of quiet today, something you want to talk about?"
    And I started to hem and haw and then blurted out all embarrassed "Doc, my wife wants me to ask you for some of that Viagra."
    Doc says, "That stuff is not a panacea, you know. You're hypertensive, have a few other health issues and there are some very serious side affects." (I'm thinking to myself: 4 hours is not serious).
    So I say, "I know Doc, but it's for my wife, and besides, I'd like it, too"
    So Doc says, "I'll give you the script but you have to promise me that you will be back here in a week for a check up"
    I say, "I promise"
    Doc makes me promise again and then gets out his pad and starts writing. Got it made! I could have kissed him. I move out at a fast pace.

    So I'm back a week later, and Doc asks, "How did it work?"
    I say, "Not worth a damn."
    Doc says, "How's that?"
    I say "Well Doc, you gave me the Rx, I rushed right down to pharmacy and had it filled and then I raced home. I charged back into the bedroom and then I started to try with my right hand, but that didn't work. So I tried with my left hand, but that didn't work, either. All of a sudden, my wife charges in and yells, 'what do you think you're doing?' I say, "Honey, Doc gave us Viagra!'. She says "Wow! Let me join you and get in on this!'. So she tries with her right hand. No luck. She tries with her left hand. That doesn't work, either. So we put it between her legs, that didn't work. By this time I'm getting so frustrated, I reach over for the phone and I called our neighbor lady."
    Doc interrupts and says, "You're not telling me that you had sex with your neighbor?!?!?'
    I said,"No Doc. None of us could get that frekkin child-proof top off of the bottle."

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    Good one! I needed a good laugh!

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    HAHA, that was good stuff.
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    Good one...........:D