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    I bought a thompson about a year ago. When I got it I was unpleasently supprised. It was like carring around a tank cannon. I thought it would be like the ones you see in movies. The barrel is way too long and way to heavy. Is there a shorter barrel and would it be legal shorten the barrel?

    Don't get me wrong, I like it, but it would more fun to shoot if I could lift it..
  2. BillM

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    Well, If you actually bought a Thompson subMACHINE gun (NFA, class III dealer)
    then you can do whatever you want to it. Shorten it to 6" if you want.

    HOWEVER---If you bought a semi auto that looks like a Thompson, you can't shorten
    it shorter than 16" without running afoul of Federal law.

    Got to ask---You bought it sight unseen without reading the specs? A Thompson in
    any version is not and has never been a lightweight gun.

  3. Dillinger

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    I am inclined to agree with Bill - Who pays THAT kind of money for a true Thompson without ever handling the weapon, or at least, getting a full spec write up & pictures.

    The Thompson wasn't designed to be a CCW, it was designed as a trench broom & room clearer. It was later adapted to the Chicago Gang Wars...


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    the gun is heavy but it does a hellov a job.I did not like it because of the weight but I could handle it on full auto. none of the subs are light.
    even the sten is need the weight in the bolt to balance the explosion.I liked the reising as it is friend carried one in the pacific till he got wounded.:rolleyes: :D
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    No and no.:confused:
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    I thought you could have a short barrel installed, but it would have to be registered as a SBR??? In Australia and in particularly my state, barrel length is of no concern as long as the overall length 66cm (26.25 inches) Most of my hunting rifles have 10 to 14 inch barrels...
  7. Stealie

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    You can get it with 10.5" barrel but you have to pay extra.

    Directory: Home < Products < Firearms < Thompson < Long Guns: M1 SBR
    Firearms: Thompson Long Guns

    Thompson M1 SBR "Short Barrel Semi-Auto Rifle"
    MSRP: $1,970.00

    Detail Images | Specifications
    ♦ Note: The Thompson Short Barrel Rifles (SBRs) take 5-6 weeks to process and transfer to dealers. It takes another 8-9 weeks for the dealer to process and transfer the rifle to an individual.
    Thompson Short Barrel Rifles must be shipped to a Class 2 manufacturer or Class 3 dealer directly from our factory in Worcester, MA. The transfer paperwork between Kahr Arms/Auto-Ordnance and the dealer, known as a Form 3, must be completed and approved by the NFA branch, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) before the Thompson SBR can be shipped to the dealer. The customer needs to pay a $200 transfer fee directly to the BATF. Your local dealer can assist you in this process.
    Some states do not allow the purchase and transfer of SBRs (Short-Barrel Rifles). Please check the state laws in your state regarding ownership of Short Barrel Rifles. A list of Class 2 manufacturers and Class 3 dealers can be found at the following website: Tom Bowers' Politically Incorrect Machine Gun Pages.
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    Ever sincde Kahr Arms bought the rights to AutoOrdinance their pricing has gone crazy. YEars ago I could buy a brand new Thompson Semi-Auto fo under $900 directly from Numerich Arms/Auto Ordinance in West Hurley NY. Even that was too much for what it is...they're fun to shoot and you can actually see the bullets on their way to the target, but they are WAY overpriced. Kahr is charging almost a $1000 for the newly manufactured M-1 Carbine with non adjustable flip rear sight. That's ridiculous IMO.
  9. sfguy

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    Heavy Thompson

    When I first got to Vietnam, I walked into the arms room and there was a pristine Thompson all sparkling blue and walnut. That's for me I said. Loaded 400 rounds in stick magazines and went for a stroll through the Plain of Reeds for about a week. After about the 1st day I was mumbling something like if I ever get back with this SOB and about the fourth day was thinking if anyone would notice if I lost it. That was my first and last experience with the Thompson.