Thompson sub., serial numbers and history.

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    Three weeks ago I bought a Thompson 1928A1 from a dealer in Lyon France. This was ex russian mil surplus which had been lend leased in ww2 by Uncle Sam. It's in good condition but has obviously seen quite a bit of service .
    It was made in Bridgeport and is No. 440976. Can anyone help find its military history whilst it was in U.S. service please? Incidentally there are still some left, have a look at the semi auto conversion is easily reversed on these and in fact I didn't have to as tolerance in one of the parts meant it still worked full auto when I switched it over,- turned a few heads down at the range.;
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    Good luck. I have not been able to find out anything in regards to 1928 serial numbers and where they were sent.

    I recently obtained a 1928A1 (Savage made) ser. # S-333XXX that was suppose to have been sold to the French at the beginning of WW2. It was then taken to Indo-China and then sold off by the Vietnamese to a British dealer. The gun has 1 British proof mark and the standard British style sling placements on the side of the forend and on the top of the butt.

    I am still looking for info on it but have had no luck so far. If I find something I will let you know.
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