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    Okay, there is way too much Doom & Gloom on this damn board lately. It's starting to depress me, soI want a fun thread and I want the damn thing to take off, so if you are viewing this, you better be contributing to it! :D

    So here's the deal behind the idea, you get to be the All Important Supreme Ruler of the Country for the duration of your post. You can change ANYTHING that you think is wrong with the country, or life in general, and then you hand off power to the next person to make improvements, but you leave them ( 1 ) issue they must address upon taking office.

    So, as Benevolent Dictator JD, I hereby Decree the Following:

    First things "F"ing first - Any country that is running their mouths about sh!t we are doing wrong is getting their military bases closed, our troops are coming home from there and all foreign aid is getting cut. If you owe us money, your interest is now retro-active, though I will give you 30 days to make restitution interest free.

    Now, if you live here, you work here, or you travel here, plan on paying taxes just like the rest of us. If you have American currency in your pocket, you are going to be paying a flat tax across the board, just like everyone else. You do an honest days work, you pay an honest days flat tax and you can do whatever you want with the rest. Since we won't be funding half the world's problems, I don't see any need to tax the living hell out of the citizens.

    I am renouncing our agreement with The Hague Convention as well. The Rules of Combat have evolved, so shall we. Foreign Leaders are no longer off limits, along with hollow point bullets and a bunch of other cool stuff that you little noise makers are going to find out about.

    Black Ops Funding is going to be fed with money we don't spend on all of the rest of the world. From this day forward, if you kill American Citizens, we are going to kill you. We are not going to tactically nuke your village, we are not going to lob some cruise missiles into a place where we think you MIGHT he hiding. We are going to put serious operators on the ground, we are going to find you, and you will be deader than fried chicken. Period.

    I think that is enough for a days work - so I will turn over my administration to the person posting below me. Their first task is to address this whole UN issue....

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    The UN Issue: The UN will be in direct command of US leaders, we pay the most, we own majority share, and we rule you. The UN will stop trying to be peaceful and will get things done like stopping genocides and evil dictators, and any country in the UN must contribute both finacially and Militarily to all UN mandates.

    Gun Control: US Gun control will destroyed and we will start a new system. Castle doctrine and open carry for all law abiding citizens. Anybody caught commiting a crime with a gun will be shot on the spot, thus, gun crime ends. All citizens will be required to take a gun safety class taught in High School, and all teachers will be required to bring their firearms to school. Law abiding citizens will be allowed to carry anywhere except federal buildings, but federal security will be greatly beefed up.

    Teachers, LE, MIL, Garbage men, and all other service occupations will recieve pay raises that come straight from athlete and entertainers taxes(that will be raised).

    Now, fix the Economy....

  3. pioneer461

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    From this day forward..........

    The Second Amendment of the United States of Pioneer shall be invoked in it's original intent. All law abiding citizens shall exercise their right to keep and bear arms without restriction. All laws requiring a permit to exercise this right, are hereby revoked.

    The First Amendment means you have the right to speak. It does not mean you have the right to be heard!

    All laws introduced by congress shall be limited to one item and one item only. All bills containing any form of pork or "earmarks" shall be vetoed.

    The Imperial Veto can not be overturned by any other branch of government.

    Any person espousing any unpatriotic attack on America or her Citizens, shall be stripped of the rights of citizenship forthwith.

    His Majesty Pioneer shall be the sole source of determining what is patriotic.

    The official language is English. Deal with it. Learn it or leave.

    Attack America and you will die! Your village will die. Your family will die. Your parents shall die. Your neighbors will die.

    I'll think up more stuff later.

    EDIT: Pioneer forgot to address the economy question - next in charge, you get the economy...:D
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  4. robocop10mm

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    Economy- Henceforth congress can no longer vote themselves a pay raise. Any pay raise will not be effective until the sitting Congressman is no longer in office (the successor will get the pay raise).

    Any Congressman that votes for a bill cannot benefit from that bill for at least 5 years after the end of his/her tenure. They cannot go to work as consultants for the company that benefitted from the bill.

    3 words- Line Item Veto.

    No more riders to bills. That $1.5 million going to prop up snail ranchers in East Podunk township must pass on it's own merits as a seperate bill.

    You work- you eat. You don't work you starve. You are disabled and cannot work, we will provide you with nutritious meals. You cannot smoke and drink if we are providing you with sustinence.

    If you are in prison, the same food rules apply. Your weight will be monitored and your caloric input modified as needed.

    Fair Tax!

    The next person can tackle education.
  5. Southern6er

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    Education will be required of all citizens until 18. If you want college, you pay for it or get a scholarship. No grants. If you can't afford it, work until you can. World needs ditch diggers and whopper floppers too.

    Teachers do NOT have the role of teaching morals - that is a prereq for being allowed to have a baby. Your kid gets out of line, you AND the kid are imprisoned until you learn how to be responsible or you die from lack of us feeding and keeping you clean. We ain't paying for it.

    Standardized test scores will be supplemented and eventually replaced by common sense. Developing that is a requirement for graduation.

    Next problem: alternative fuels.
  6. bkt

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    Effective immediately:

    1. The dollar will be anchored to stable commodities such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium. We will return to the metals standard tying $25 to one ounce of gold. That might mean you salary goes from $100,000 to $2857.10, but it also means a prime rib dinner (with booze) will cost $2.50.

    2. All forms of social programs, including but not limited to: welfare, medicare/medicaid, affirmative action, social security, and supplemental security income will cease. Absolutely no redistribution of wealth programs will be permitted.

    3. The judicial branch is tasked with reviewing all Federal laws on the books. All legislation that does not correlate to a clear, specific non-nuanced passage in the Constitution is hereby revoked. All proposed future legislation must pertain to a mandate of the Federal government specified in the Constitution.

    4. The IRS is abolished. All United States citizens between the ages of 18 and 60 are required to pay a flat tax of 2% of income.

    5. The National Education Administration is hereby abolished. Each child must be taught proper and safe firearm handling, field stripping, cleaning, shooting, stance, sighting, scope usage, etc. Also, each child must be taught American history from the time the pilgrims first landed up to the present day. They must understand the three primary economic models -- capitalism, socia1ism and communism -- and why socia1ism and communism suck and capitalism rocks.

    6. The United States will no longer be a party to the United Nations. U.N. personnel have 30 days to vacate the country. All property will be seized and sold to cover all the unpaid parking tickets U.N. officials have accrued over the years.

    7. All regulations banning energy production are hereby eliminated. Build nuclear plants, coal burning plants, drill for oil, or develop alternative energy. If you can make a buck, knock yourself out. The Federal government is out of that business.

    8. All military bases outside of the United States are hereby closed. Nations that have shown a willingness to assist the United States at a time of need will have at their disposal the full force of the U.S. military should the need arise. All nations that ignored the U.S. in its time of need will get no help at all.

    9. Nuclear weapons are no longer taboo; they will will be used. Either as bunker-busters to eliminate threats, or as big honkin' 200 megaton bastards that will erase most small countries. Screw with us, our interests or our allies and you will evaporate.

    10. Autonomy is hereby returned to the states. The Federal government will shrink in size and scope immediately to conform to the mandates set in the Constitution.
  7. Dillinger

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    ^ Impressive list, but you didn't mandate anything for the next ruler....

    Soooo, the next person gets to handle the Prison System

  8. ScottG

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    What prison system? mean the Carcer?

    No prisons except for those holding people awaiting sentencing. Capital crimes are death sentences. All other deliberate felonies not resulting in the death of someone are punished by the lash or the rack.

    All financial crimes are punished by restitution and personal servitude until paid.

    All misdemeanors are either punishable by fine or public stocks if habitual.

    Next ruler: Infrastructure
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  9. hillbilly68

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    Harumph! Hey, I didnt get a harumph outta that guy. "well you heard him, give the governor a Harumph!"

    Good effort JD, a little mental break.

  10. azalps

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    Infrastructure: Get rid of autos,go back to horses(no need for oil). No planes,use steam powered trains. No computers,use people that know how to use pencil and paper. Telephones are OK as long as they are answered by a live english speaking person. No need to be dependent on foreign countries,no autos no computers,no ipods,no contaminated food products,no need for oil we use wood, Next, environment.
  11. cpttango30

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    The work week will be cut from 5 days to 4 days and if you telecommute you get extra pay. By the year 2012 55% of the cars sold in the USA will run on cleaner fuels. By 2015 I want an electric car that can go 100 miles at 90mph by god if Ohio State can build a car that goes 400mph on electricity then we can drive cars that run on electricity. Mandatory recycling of all recyclable products. By 2020 I want all fossil fuels out of producing power in the USA no coal plants, or oil plants. It if ain't solar, nuke, wind or water you ain't using it you ain't building it, clean and free. Clothing is optional from now on. (OK that may not fly well with some). From this day forth styrofoam is banned. Moms sorry but get your poopie diaper buckets out because disposable diapers are gone no more you are not stuck using cloth diapers. It worked for our mothers it will work for you.

    If you are a tree hugger of part of a tree hugger group that is fine but you are now expected to prove you are better for the environment than regular Americans. Exxon, Chevron, BP, Conoco Philips you are to pay a 99% tax on all foreign oil. By 2018 the USA will purchase no oil from other countries. I am moving all people out f NJ and it will be the sole trash dump for the entire USA if it fills up you are going to have to figure out what to do with your trash. Speed limits are to be lowered by 5mph on all road ways in the USA. If you are caught speeding it will cost you $200 per mph over the limit that means you jackasses going 10mph over are going to pay $2000 get it got it good. All new housing must have plants that are indigenous to the area. If you live in the desert then you ain't planting any stinking Ferns from the rain forest you can have cacti just like the rest of the people living in the desert.

    Carpooling: if you drive to work you better have no less that three other people riding with you in the car. If you do not you will be fined $1000 for each person missing from the car. So if you are driving alone to work that is a $3000 fine.

    Each house is to have a water collecting system from the roof to collector rain water for watering lawns, gardens, and flowers. All new housing will be built with green (Environmentally friendly) products used in no less than 78.5% of the building. If it's brown flush it down, if it's yellow let he mellow. I want all toilets retrofitted to use no more than 1/2 gal of water on each flush I also want a solid waste sensor so if it is just urine it can be flushed with less water. Men and Boys are required to urinate outside at least 4 times daily to preserve water. Lawn watering is on Monday Wednesday and Friday for even numbered houses and Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday this goes for flower beds as well. Each family is to provide at least 1/4 of their fresh fruit and veggies from their own garden. I mandated that 90% of all roofs of all newly built homes be covered in solar panels.

    OK my day is done Next guy gets Military Funding and you better be giving a pay raise to all enlisted military even RL357 sons.
  12. Dillinger

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    No term limits, so I am going to step in, since I can't pass up the Military. :D

    Great post cpttango - I loved reading it and was very much pro cpt in that few minutes... *thumbs up*

    I already gave Black Ops almost unlimited funding in my previous tenure. I stand by that.

    The basic volunteer military will be receiving a pay increase, but they will also be receiving a minimum interest loan to start a business, or buy a home, at the completion of their service. Upon completion of a float, or a tour abroad, each member will receive a tax free 20% check based on their new pay grade. This will also be paid out of the Foreign Aid purse, so the tax payer will NOT feel the effect of this decision.

    If you are stationed in a combat zone, or even taken fire while stationed, you will receive 100% lifetime medical coverage and you will be eligible for any and all counseling or "experimental" medical procedures that you feel would help you in your retirement. Medical benefits DO NOT have to be used in Miltary Grade Hospitals. If a surgeon at Johns Hopkins can help you, then YOU WILL have acces to that surgeon!

    Any doctor refusing to take a military patient WILL have s/he's license revoked and WILL be charged criminally.

    You will receive 100% of your final pay grade as your pension upon serving your 20, this will be retro active.

    You will receive 50% of your final pay grade as your pension upon serving 10 years on active duty, this will be retro active.

    Less than 10 years will get you a flat 10% of final pay grade as your pension, this will be retro active.

    You served us, kept us safe, we will do our part to reward you and pay you back for that service! If you oppose this policy, since you won't be paying for it, you can get bent, or you can stand their post for the next 2 years....

    Basic military funding will be increased to WHAT EVER IS NECESSARY to insure the safe return of our soldiers from combat! There will be NO GUARANTEED CONTRACTS!

    The minute the free market comes up with a better mouse trap, it will be evaluated, and if it passes mustard, it WILL BE purchased and it WILL BE put in the field!

    Along those lines, the M9 will be retired and each soldier will be BUILT a .45 cal 1911 by Mastersmiths who are paid EXTREMELY well by our government, in a State of the Art shop, to produce the best handgun on the planet for our troops.

    Next up for the ruler taking the Throne.....

    The "lifetime" politician....

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  13. BigO01

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    I've got no problem with the lifetime Politicians but I do have a problem with them sitting idle , thats when they come up with bright ideas for their stupid laws like Gun Control .

    First I would limit them to 4 , 2 month sessions with the other 4 months back home with their constituents actually going to homes and local business and talking to the people and at least 1 week of every month working side by side with them where feasible .

    Business would get no warning they were coming so if people were working in unsafe conditions the businesses get busted .

    While in session no Riders each issue is voted on and once voted on by both house if not passed in one or both it becomes a dead issue for the rest of that politicians term he could only revisit it if it passed both houses and was vetoed and then get only one more chance at it that term .

    I would make an exception in that financial and military issues could by a 2/3 vote of both houses be declared an emergency issue and be given another vote if a Bill was substantially rewritten .

    Any business doing business in any manor with government would have to provide the nations average hourly wage and must provide good medical for their people and retirement which the employer contributes to .

    I would end all public construction contracts for public buildings/grounds and instead turn the projects over to the military construction people and increase the size of the force as needed with men rotating from combat unit assignments to construction . If a national park needed a road built let the military build it . This way more young men learn real skills while serving and save taxpayers money .

    I wouldn't end welfare but it would be seriously overhauled .

    First after the birth of the first child that landed a women on welfare they would have to have their tubes tied to prevent more births they can't afford .

    Their housing would be fenced off and patrolled by Police 24/7 to the point of having a substation there , no alcohol would be allowed on the premises and possession of illegal drugs would mean an immediate eviction . NO male visitors in apartments over the age of 12 Period ! Constant and unannounced inspections of the apartments would be the norm and they must be kept clean .

    Schedules would be set up for them to take turns at schooling , group daycare and even maintenance of the premises . If they are going to live on tax money they would shovel their own snow , cut grass , paint apartments etc. etc. . . I would even organize them to run pay services for working citizens that either can't afford it at all or partially especially the elderly .

    Any kids that went to school on Federal loans would then spend so many years working under federal guide lines including wage limits in their respective field . If they refused a 1 year sentence on a chain gang for every $5,000 of loans they didn't payback would be handed out .

    I would put a Federal bounty out on every Illegal immigrant of $1,000 and they would be given the choice of leaving or face a firing squad take their pick they are illegal invaders in our country and no child of an illegal gets citizen ship and I would make that retroactive as far back as 20 years ago .

    Illegals wanted for committing any violent or drug felony gets a dead or alive bounty put out on them with citizens being encouraged to participate and will receive death if captured by police .

    Police would use small cameras on their person to tape drug raids/busts .

    Anyone caught smuggling in illegal drugs , making drugs or selling them get a public death sentence that is carried out within 1 week of being caught .

    I would pass laws that prevent anyone from voting if they are 18 - 22 and first can't speak and read correct and clear english , not working or in school at least part time , over 22 and not at least part time employed in the election year or have a solid record of being employed most of their adult life .

    I would also make sure Voter fraud was inforced and punished by 1 removing their vote and doing a recount and permently removing their voting rights . If they vote again they get a prison term .
  14. bkt

    bkt New Member

    Sorry 'bout that. I was in a rush.

    I also missed: "Effective immediately, the entire bill of rights must be incorporated such that all states are obliged to acknowledge these pre-existing rights. All state laws that contravene any portion of the Bill of Rights (eg: gun control laws) must be abolished immediately, and no future legislation may contravene any portion of the BoR."
  15. Dillinger

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    So the next Ruler gets to address:

    Legal & Illegal Immigration


    SGT-MILLER New Member


    Follow our rules, and you can come in and stay in the USA.

    Don't follow our rules, and we will immediately shove a size 14 right up your hind quarters, and airdrop you back into your own country.


    Next up: Iraq, Afganistan, Pakistan, Iran, North Korea, etc, etc, etc......
  17. right winger

    right winger New Member

    The death penalty will be swift. if you are a child molester you will die a slow painful death. The BATF will be eliminated. And the gun control will be a two handed grip.:D
  18. Dillinger

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    This was iloveguns original Post

    I screwed up - Apologies guns....

    Next up, you get to handle Social Security, although I believe that bkt did away with that in a previous term as ruler, so you might need to readdress the issue. :D
  19. BigO01

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    Yep JD that's easy .

    Time to hang a "No Vacancy" sign in the window for everyone that doesn't speak English , and at least have some education and skill .

    We use to let all these people come here claiming to educate them for the purpose of them taking skills back to their undeveloped Nations and improving them .

    What have we managed to accomplish with this ?

    We have trained some of our worst enemies , from the Japanese Admiral Yamamoto in charge of the Pear Harbor attack to military training for Mexican troops that became Mercenaries for drug runners , to Middle Eastern terrorists .

    Even the quaint idea of having embassy's for foreign dignitaries is out dated in todays world with video and tele conferencing available to us .

    The old "Give us your tired poor and hungry" needs to be brought to a halt as all we have been doing the last few decades is taking in useless dregs and out right criminals from around the world that are either here to attack us or just sit on their butts and suck us financially dry .

    We are no longer a fledgling developing Nation with unlimited resources to offer the Worlds overpopulated Nations that have been around for thousand of years before us and have imported many of their problems along with their people .

    Time to lock the door unless a person has a skill to offer and we invite them .
  20. Chester

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    I Think I'll address fema, fema as we know it will cease to exist. All previous executive orders will be resinded immediately. Fema will be known as a public service agency Each state will control it's own emergencys akin to DPS. Fema will answer to the state leader only , Anyone caught abusing the system due to disaster will be imprisoned immediately.

    next topic prisons
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