This one hit close to home

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    Looks like some students threatened a Columbine style attack on my old high school. Nothing came of it thankfully, but this is getting ridiculous. My brother still attends there. These mass shootings are starting to hit a little too close to home. I remember sitting in class and hearing about the Virginia Tech shootings from friends at Tech through text messages. Thankfully my teacher was decent enough to put on the news once we all started worrying about our friends there.

    I'm not sure what to make of these incidents. These things are even happening in Europe where even bolt action rifles are heavily regulated and licensed (duh, gun control not working, don't know why I even mentioned it :rolleyes:) Nevertheless its frightening just how hard it is to predict these sort of things.
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    Put side arms on teachers and the cowards won't plan, orchestrate or even lightly consider in the midst of a brain fart any Columbine style attack on any school!

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    I agree. And frankly most teachers will chose not to carry. That's their choice so beyond that mandate that all teachers undergo training that includes the contingency of a mass shooter. The teacher I mentioned above actually went through his personal plan to keep us safe in such an event. He was retired law enforcement, used to be in charge of the city's swat team, and oversaw the retraining of officers after columbine for dealing with active shooter scenarios.

    None of the steps he described require any sort of tactical training, they were all about barricading the doors and placing the students in the safest part of the classroom.
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    My children attend public school and I think about that all the time. it is very stressful! Her High School has already this year has had 4 bomb threats and she has been stuck outside a good four hours each time . Next time it may be a shooting like V.T. or Columbine it is very scary they need plans to be able to handle s**t like that!!!
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    I would carry if authorized.
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    When I was in High School way back when, we used to have bomb threats regularly until they caught a couple of punks less than a mile away calling from a pay phone.
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    what happened to the days of just getting into a fist fight with someone and it being over with after that. you would walk away with a black eye or bloody lip. these were the days when all us guys had a rifle or shotgun in our trucks for hunting before or after school and nobody ever got shot EVER. yep and we all had a pocket knife and not a soul got stabbed. my senior year was 1993, seems like 50 years ago now the way the world is now in schools.
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    What is happening all over today, is the result of removing God from every aspect of our lives.
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    Sturf I think you are right on track.

    Look at the values and morals as less and less of us attend church.

    Most know I am not the most religious guy out there. I feel that if a child want to pray at school they should let them. Hell they let them wear cloths that would make many men in here blush.

    There is also way too much pressure in school these days. The kids in my school get one 15 minute recess each day. The rest of the time they have them herded into class rooms like cattle.

    It is amazing that we had recess before school, in the morning, after lunch and pe in the afternoon EVERY DAY and we learned more than these kids today.

    I work in an elementary school. The plan if we have an active shooter or a person on campus trying to hurt or kill people is to RUN and HIDE. That is it we are to run and hide then when we get a chance call or email a specific person for a head count. I have made it clear to a few people in my school that the way I am wired will not allow me to run and hide unless it is to ambush and neutralize a threat. I carry a pocket knife with me almost every day. You should see the looks I get when I use it for something useful OMG you shouldn't have that here IT may hurt someone. We have plenty of items that are able to be used as weapons. a mop handle with my knife duct taped to the end a fire extinguisher chairs books, any number of objects I can pick up and throw at a high rate of speed. Not to mention I have access to every single camera in the building.
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    Maybe the parents should be held liable if they arent securing there weapons if they knowingly have crazy kids??

    They should definately let teachers carry concealed.
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    This does hit close to home. My Ma is a HS Chemistry teacher and is has been troubled over the past several years by the student's amount (or lack) of effort and drive to learn. Kids just don't care and their parents won't push them. If they have no morals and values at home then how can they determine right or wrong for themselves?

    An older Carpenter I now work with that was my apprenticeship director when I was coming up, recently visited several classes of a HS math teacher's (friend) for a day in order to stress the importance of math and its role in the real world. He is an energetic and mentally stimulating individual with lots of tricks up his sleeve. He tried several appealing and entertaining math applications/demonstrations to the real world with little success. Most kids barely had enough drive to raise their hands when asked about their interests. None knew how much to tip a waitress or why sewer pipes are at a typical slope.

    Basically the point is that when kids have nothing to lose and fear no consequence from God or home, it makes it easier for them to make stupid and possibly dangerous decisions.

    Teachers should ALL have the right to carry. Not just CCW type weapons, it wouldn't hurt to have a shot gun or assault rifle here and there. Teachers (and good students) have families. . . and we love them very much.
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    Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings folks, but it will only get worse.