This lady continues to smear her son's name.

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by skullcrusher, Aug 18, 2009.

  1. skullcrusher

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    I'm sure her son is turning in his hero's grave. She still fails to see that her son took the path he wanted. She is nothing more than a media whore, imo. She should be celebrating her son's sacrifice for the country. She acts like she is the only mother who ever lost a son who volunteered.

    The Point: Cindy Sheehan Obama Vacation

    While I feel for her loss, I fail to see her point. She shames her son's actions in an un-American manner, imho. No one forced her son to join the military.

    I think she is just trying to claim her fame again in the name of her son. No respect needed for her now.
  2. gorknoids

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    I can't think of anyone who would classify Sheehan as "Mentally Competent". That said, why do the dems keep trotting this poor woman out as some sort of Dalai Lama? She's mentally unsound, yet democrats keep her on the campaign trail like some sort of Socialism Circus Freak, hoping to draw crowds.
    Leave her alone and quit packing her vacant head full of liberal BS! She's already lost a son, for Christ's sake. Chasing her around the track with a cane pole isn't going to help her.

  3. WDB

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    Truly sad to see she continues to disrespect her son and the many other that met the same fate. Her son was a man of honor and served his country proudly because he believed in our nation. She is rigning her own bell or her own reasons, it has nothing to do with her son or anyone serving in the military.
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    I'm glad shes not my mother. She needs a good smacking.

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    Grief can do weird things to people. Seems to me she's grabbed onto the 'anti-war' bandwagon in a vain attempt to use her denial psychologically, in effect denigrating her son's brave service and in doing this somehow give his death some greater purpose for her personally. Hence all the self-important blogging...which is all about CINDY.

    An easy pawn for the machine to use. I noticed in that article that the 'masses' have moved on now that 'Evil Dubya' is gone...I wonder how long she'll hold up mentally without that.
  6. Robert NC

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    I may dislike what is happening in Iraq at this time, BUT, it is again a repeat of past conflicks. POLITICS, POLITICS!!. Our soldiers and marines are doing an honorable and superb job. They are to be saluted and congratulated by all.
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    Good post.
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    At least now days service men and women are being treated with much more respect than in the late 60's and 70's. I think it is because the same individuals that called me " baby killer " and spit at me, now have sons and daughters serving. Hopefully they have acknowledged their errors and have
    tried to make some peace with those they offended grievously. I am sure many have had experiences of this nature. I am pleased that as a country, we are far better at supporting our military and all should tip their hats to veterans of all conflicts ,, they were called and served.
    Good day to all,
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    The media was to blame for the treatment of the Vietnam era vets to be treated so badly. They were the ones who spoke poorly of the military and positively of the peace and love movement. The military was portrayed as the evil arm of the evil government. The re-institution of the draft did not help matters.

    Still, there were people back then that appreciated each and every serviceman then and now. Thank you. :)