This is why I hate flying!

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    This is unbelievable, TSA thugs!

    Detroit TSA Security Theater

    Sam Dodson of OTN did an excellent job as a real journalist — as opposed to a corporate Mockingbird script-reader — when he went to the Detroit Metro airport and confronted the TSA on the Gestapo tactics they employ in airports in order to cow the public into submission.

    The video starkly reveals how airports have become locked-down Stasi zones where passengers are followed around by uniformed agents and armed thugs with bomb-sniffing dogs if they arouse the slightest bit of suspicion.

    Dodson gives these authoritarian functionaries no quarter and confronts them on their arrogant police state tactics at every turn. He refuses to turn off his cell phone camera, peppers them with questions, and repeatedly objects to their assumed authority and petty school yard bully power trips.

    An excellent job. More citizen-journalists need to produce these kind of videos and become a righteous thorn in the side of the state as it continues its concerted effort to turn the nation into a police state hell hole under the pretense of protecting us from patsies and dupes the government ludicrously claims are terrorists with fizzle bombs tucked in their underwear.

    Detroit TSA Security Theater: Body Scanner Contest Entry


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    It's amazing what sets these cop wannabes off. I fly to and from work every day and we have to go through a metal detector. I remove my belt but keep my cigarettes in my pocket because I remove all the tin foil so it doesn't set the detector off. On vacation last year, I went through the metal detector at McCarran airport in Las Vegas. When the TSA putz on the other side noticed the pack of cigarettes in my shirt pocket he asked me to take them out of my pocket. I asked him why and he got all official on me. So I took them out and tossed them to him and the look on his face was like I'd tossed a bomb at him. He flipped open the top, looked inside, pulled a couple of cigarettes out and then asked my why I'd removed the tin foil. I said because I wanted to. He asked, again, why I did that and I told him because I wanted to and then asked if it was illegal to remove the tin foil from a pack of cigarettes. The jerkoff then asked me to wait, holding up the line of people waiting to go through that particular checkpoint. He wandered off with my cigarettes. I asked another TSA agent at the checkpoint whether or not the moron was going to come back and return my cigarettes. I was ignored. 3 minutes later, the original moron came back with what I'm guessing is a supervisor (second moron was in a suit not the blue shirt uniform) and HE asked me why I removed the tin foil. I told HIM because I wanted to and as far as I was aware, it was not illegal to do so. After 5 more minutes of stupid questions about security, drugs and other banal crap, they decided I wasn't a terrorist trying to smuggle a dangerous cigarette bomb or a smuggle a pack of joints aboard a plane.

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    I've been flying on business for over 35 years. Mainly international flights with Frankfurt Am Main as the usual destination of 6 flights per year.

    After the bombing of Pan Am 103, (Lockerbie) in Dec. of 1988, airport security really got tight in europe, long before here in the US. In fact the first airport I was ever "frisked" at was FRA in 1989.

    As a frequent flyer, I have to admit that I find the heightened security rather comforting, just part of air travel. As an example, last July on a return flight from Sydney, AUS to LAX USA, (hadn't been there in years) - after checking my bags & doing customs, when approaching the conveyor belt for the carry-on check, I noticed a very weird thing. Nobody was removing their shoes, belts, emptying pockets or any of the usual procedure. Just put the carry-on thru the box and away you go. It sorta made me feel uncomfortable!

    I will say that at the boarding gate, depending on your passport, about 1/3 of the passengers were patted down and their carry-ons manually searched before being allowed into the sealed gate room. Ya never see that in the states! Hummmm would that be profiling?? I bet people would go ape-puckey over here.

    I can truthfully say I've never had a bad experience with airport security or customs either. Nowdays I have the whole "grandfather" look going, maybe that helps?

    If they wanted to make me happy, let me smoke on the plane like in the old days! 15 hours from LAX to SYD is a long time to chew Cope when you aren't use to it! Or even do something about the major airports that don't have smoking rooms.

    Acid, I just put the pack in my carry on briefcase, no worries, although since they changed the rules back on lighters I do carry my BIC in my pocket.
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    Ken- I also seem to live on airplanes- also have the gray haired grandad thing going for me- and have had very few problems with security folks- until a recent flight out of O'Hare- one of the TSA folks was stopping people before they walked thru the metal detector by putting his arm out across their chest- no words just "arm up". When it was my turn, and the arm started up, I looked at him, and said "Sweetie, if you are planning to touch me without my consent, it better be to kiss me, search me, or arrest me. Your choice." He looked rather embarassed, arm came down, "Please walk through".

    Being early for my flight, when I got to the other side, collected my shoes, and did the "Hi! I'd like to see the supervisor, please." bit. We had a discussion about my doubts that this was an acceptable practice in their SOP, and whether I needed to ask my Congressman to followup on it. He assured me that was not required.
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    I haven't flown since before the 9/11 changes & don't plan to. I am a lousy passenger & probably wouldn't enjoy commercial flight regardless of security's inadequacies. Amtrak was still great the last time i rode with them, but that has been a while too.
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    I fly from to time on international flights since 9/11 and really have had no problems other than getting to the airport earlier than I would have before 9/11.

    I usually check my luggage in at airport and have no carry-ons in the flight.

    The TSA lock I bought for my luggage has an green/red indicator to show if luggage has been opened by TSA. It always shows that it has not been opened.

    I think this Dodson guy in this video is, at best, somewhat of a jerk.
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    0 don the tinfoil!!
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    I am not sure the training standards set for TSA screeners are very stringent. I don't think common sense is a requirement for employment (don't get me wrong, just *some* of them lack it).

    Only PITA experience I had was last winter on my way back from Ft. Sill. I was in Army ACU's with about six other soldiers at the Lawton, OK airport which is only slightly bigger than a breadbox. I had three duffels absolutely packed to the top with crap. All issue crap. No civies. No laptop. No souveniers. Issue crap. They randomly searched one of the bags by dumping EVERYTHING into a big bin and pawing through it. I had forgotten to return two M4 mags that were in my LBV after FTX so I just threw them in the bag.

    You would have thought it was a pound of C4. The guy turned white as a sheet and handled them like live grenades missing the pin. He called his supervisor.

    He then dumped the other two duffels and pawed through my crap. When the supervisor showed up he asked her if I was allowed to have them. She asked him what danger he thought they posed. He threw the mags back on the pile of crap and left me to re-pack.

    Even being a tiny airport they probably have thousands of soldiers pass through there every year and this guy still thought he'd uncovered a terror plot or something. At least his supervisor called him out on it...