This is the letter I just wrote to my mayor.

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    Dear Sir,

    I am a resident of Alexandria and just discovered that you are a member of "Mayors against illegal guns".

    Passing addtional laws will not deter criminals that are already breaking dozens of laws in the course of conducting their "business".

    It only serves to disarm the public and gives criminals a free hand.

    For this reason "Mayors against illegal guns" constitues a danger to both public safety and to the well being of our Republic.

    Until you publicly remove yourself from that organization I will not vote for you and I will canvass everyone I know, to do likewise..



    since both the towns I am currently living in ( where i also maintain a 2nd residence) have such mayors I got to send this letter off twice only changing the name of the city.

    And after writing this letter I donated $100 to NAGR and once i finish this edit I will donate the same or more to the NRA...

    Just trying to live by example and put my money where my mouth is. :)
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    Good job.........

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    That should show him!
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    Great letter However, just wondering if by all of us pushing the fact that although they claim to want to remove illegal hand guns that in fact is the opposite of what they are doing. Pointing out, as you did, that criminals don't follow existing laws nor will they follow new ones. When the President is not interested in increasing mandatory sentences for criminal use of hand guns and Cuomo will dedicate no additional resources to prosecute under his new regs what we will see is law enforcement coming down hard on law abiding citizens under new onerous regs but no chance in fixing the criminal problem. The emphasis seems to be to take productive members of society down rather than the true criminal element. This is just a plain and simple government gun grab. JMGO