This is the kind of story gun control nuts don't like published

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    Would-be robber shot dead north of downtown

    Two men say they shot to death a would-be robber who held them at gunpoint at the Zender Apartments on 1503 North Pennsylvania Street.
    April 18, 2010

    UPDATE: The would-be robber shot Sunday at an apartment building north of downtown has been identified as 38 year-old Christopher Hampton.

    Police said he was wearing an ankle bracelet at the time of the shooting, for an invasion of privacy/violation of a protective order arrest on April 5th. Police said Hampton did not live in the building. IMPD detectives believe the shooting was a result of self-defense, after Hampton pulled a gun on two men as they were moving into the apartment building at 1503 North Pennsylvania Street.

    The shooter, 24 year-old Brian Blevins, has reportedly been cooperative with police. After the incident, he was interviewed by detectives along with two other witnesses and released. Blevins had a valid permit to carry a gun for self-protection. IMPD added that he has no criminal record on file in Marion County. The case is being turned over to the prosecutor for review, however, no charges are expected.


    Two men say they shot to death a would-be robber who held them at gunpoint at the Zender Apartments at 1503 North Pennsylvania Street.

    Indianapolis Metro police said the man approached the two men who were moving into an apartment and asked for change for a $5 bill.

    "As they went into the apartment to get it, he followed them in, pulled a gun out, told them it was a robbery and told them to get in the back room," said IMPD Sgt. Matt Mount.

    "At that point as they got into the back room, the friend who had come along to help felt in fear of his life. He had a weapon he pulled out and shot at the would-be robber, hitting him multiple times."

    Mount said the dead man was wearing an ankle bracelet that seemed to be part of a home detention monitoring system. Investigators will use that bracelet to identify the man.

    "I called my dad right away and said I think I'm going to move next week," said Josh Morris, as he watched the police investigation from across the street.

    "They were lucky actually. The guy obviously picked the wrong people to mess with."

    Investigators found the suspect's gun. The two intended victims were questioned by police but no charges were expected.

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    Had on an ankle bracelet for home monitoring for invasion of privacy/violation of a protectionary order AND had a pistol of his own, which he was attempting to use to commit armed robbery.

    Maybe I am getting cynical in my advancing age, but I don't think this guy was a good troop leader on Weds nights and a good church goer on Sundays. :rolleyes:

    No tears are going to be shed over here, it would appear he got what was coming to him.


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    Flush, whoosh.
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    I think the victems should be rewarded with a $10,000 bounty for saving the tax payers money
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    Just goes to show that we should be able to carry at all times.. Helping a friend move, walking to the corner store, taking a dog for a walk or even in your own driveway while doing an oil change on the auto..

    This type of thing can happen at any time. And anywhere.. Kudo's to the shooter ! Too bad for the BG.. He deserved it..

    I wonder how much airtime this story got on the local news channel..
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    Probably not near as much as if the headline was "two men moving into an apartment shot dead in an apparent robbery."
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    Sadly in UK if you shoot some low life breaking into your home armed or not you are more than likely going to serve some time. If you kill him could be life. Would I defend my family with lethal force, If I felt the threat was serious enough DAMN RIGHT. Would serve my time knowing I did the right thing.
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    I have read some horror stories from the dailyUK and a few other online papers of the victims going to jail and the bad guys suing for damages! :mad:
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    One down, millions of scumbags to go.
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    Such a tragedy. The young man was going to turn his life around just as soon as he robbed those guys. He would have used the money from the robbery to pay his advance tuition to law school. :D
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    Davy- not advocating anything- just a question- do they not have heavy construction machinery in Britain that can dig a large hole quickly? Recall my lady's stories about the old tin mine shafts in Cornwall.......
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    Nudge Nudge wink wink, I cant imagine what you are getting at sir LMAO
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    good story, now if only every citizen was as responsible as these. we wouldn't ever have robberies