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    One part that ticks me off the worst is this line right here
    "The school's so-called "zero-tolerance" policy on guns extends to private property, according to the report"

    I don't know what this kid does but before school but when I was in school I was trying to finish homework or catch up on reading before school. I never had time to play.

    The kid shouldn't have been playing airsoft in the front yard before school but on the other hand the school had no reason to react and it should have just been a thing between the parent and child.
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    I'll say it again. The liberals are out of control in our nations schools.

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    So wrong, everyone with a Public Servant ID Card is a judge now! Stay the phuck out of my bedroom, living room and home sweet home!!!!!

    Thats all I can say...
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    It sounds like the boy was shooting at other children who did not consent to participate in his game. A school bus stop is considered an extension of school property. Misbehavior at the bus stop can be disciplined at school (weird but true.)
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    There is so much more I would like to know before I pass judgement on this. Were these kids he was playing with also armed with airsoft guns? Was it a planned playtime? Was anyone not involved in the playtime threatened or hit?

    If these kids were waiting for their school bus that tells me they were way outside the gun-free zone located around the school, but it would depend on state statutes as to whether or not a school bus stop is also a gun free zone. According to US Code, private property is not included in gun free school zones, but the state may be able to override that.

    Pay attention now. This is one of the very few times you will ever see me write this. This sounds like a perfect case for the <gag> ACLU.
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    Not really weird, Mr. Mc. Some companies consider outside their buildings, including to and from the workplace, to be an extension of the workplace. Two guys duking it out on the sidewalk or at the bar across the street at lunch time is no different than if they were on company property and subject to the same disciplinary action.
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    The property is approx. 200' from the bus stop. All the kids participated. The boy had a target on their tree in the front yard with a net to catch the pellets. The neighbor who called 911 is the mother of one of the boys and knew it wasn't a real gun. She decided it was easier to call the law than step out of her front door. Chasing eachother around, they came within 10' of the bus stop area. The local ordinance states it is unlawful to discharge a firearm within 150' of another building unless you are on private property. A little ambiguous.
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    Within 10' of the bus stop area? WTH does that mean? Is the "area" the actual stop or the same zip code?

    Since when is an airsoft gun a "firearm"?

    I agree, this is STUPID!
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    Children waiting at a bus stop to go to school are not to be bullied, etc. same as if in the actual school.

    But if the kids playing were NOT at the bus stop, then I wouldn't think the bus stop rules apply.
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    Look folks,

    The big picture is......Libturds will ,have, and are always going to use any method possible, to keep guns, of any kind, that can be descrbed with the word GUN, in the news and forefront, so that more and more people think its a bad word.

    Them libturds do a lot of thinking on these methods, thats their life.

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    Personally the school has no business in this if the children were on their own private property. I am not saying it is right and shouldn't be dealt with if others were not involved and being hit with the air soft projectiles. But for the school to take this up with my child can they spell LAWSUIT ! First of all if my child was doing that his posterior would get warmed up and I am sure it would not ever happen again. It is time the parenets and the community started raising our children again not the liberals, socialists and government! However, it is time the citizens stop putting up with this liberal cr**p! And start getting into their liberal socialist pockets! That will stop this crazy liberal agenda! Just to complain is like the present governments attitude! It does no good! We need to get on the attack and start getting to them where it hurts.;)

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    Problem #1. Mindset. Your child is NEVER the school's property, NEVER! He may be their problem at some point, but never their property.

    Since this wasn't a firearm and in most places, air-soft guns aren't even considered a weapon in the legal sense (most localities anyway, this is VA not NY or NJ clarification might be in order), how does that work?
    Please tell me VA hasn't gone stupid in this regard.
    So I'm curious...if one were to take their child to a range to shoot firearms in a lawful, controlled manner, is this considered a problem? Not knowing the whole statute, "possession, handling & use" seems rather broad.

    Interesting assertion. My view: "You think so, do you? I got news for you..."

    Was there an actual crime committed? Near as I can tell one of the bystander children might have been hit (allegedly). I'm thinking perhaps a disturbing the peace or some sort of nuisance type of charge at most; i.e. "being a little S__t" is the largest potential issue I see. The item is not a firearm and I really hope that in VA, they haven't elevated air-soft to "scary weapon" status. I'm thinking much ado over nothing. While I would agree that there is some discipline issues to be addressed, the school should have no play.
    Whatever happened to "boys will be boys?" It wasn't that many years ago, when another parent/neighbor would simply have a word with the offending little PITA's parents and it would have been the end of it. The potential "neighbor involvement factor" kept me honest, well most of the time.
    Now we have a bunch of hand-wringers running around trying to apply their moronic zero mean zero tolerance crap to a citizen's front yard.
    I hate to agree with the ACLU assertion, but this seems right up their alley.
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    You think that is stupid. Try living in Cali for a few years. A whole encyclopedia of stupidity comes out of commieland.
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    Actually, a child isn't anyone's property. When I was divorced my youngest child, who was maybe 4 when he asked this, said, "If something happens to you, who will own us?" I guaranteed him nobody 'owned' him. I was his parent and his care giver and his protector. I also told him if something happened to me, his father would take care of him. He was okay with that answer.
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    Agreed. The child may become the school's responsibility, but they are never their property.
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    What part of what I have been saying don't you all understand.

    "Progressives are the most intolerant, ruthless, dishonest people in the world today!"
    "Zero tolerance (see above;)) is for weak minded people who either cannot or will not make decisions and/or for government employees to use as an excuse for not doing the job they are paid to do."
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    This is my take on this; the kids were playing in the yard while waiting for the bus. A nosey neighbor put their nose in a place where it did not belong and called the cops. The school exerted its presumed authority over the child shooting the airsoft gun. The school and the neighbor had better start preparing their legal defense. :mad:

    I assure you that had this happened to one of my children, that I would bring some much legal pain down on them that they would OD on aspirin. :eek:
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    This is insane. What's next... I don't want to know.