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    Open carry is not a national law. Each state has it's own set of laws regarding open carry. Ohio is an open carry state with restrictions. That means that each municipality, county, township, etc can write it's own open carry laws. It is up to the individual to know where they can and can't open carry. Usually, the laws against open carry are made as to not panic the masses. :eek:

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    Va is open carry. With the exception of schools, airports, court house, hospital. I take my Ruger everywhere I go. I do get looks but I pay no mind at all. I've even had some people stop me and ask questions. Seems there a little more at ease when they know the laws.
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    The OP is a young fella so I'm going to share a bit of aged wisdom on this subject. The OC vs CC debate will split a gun community faster than being invaded by the Brady bunch. On many forums, even starting a thread about OC vs CC will get you a quick exit.

    Here's the issue. Some OC folks do not choose this method for tactical or logistical reasons - they do it as a form of protest. They want to freak out the public and they want to generate headlines. They hope for an LEO to hassle them so they can file a lawsuit and garner attention. These folks want confrontation and their logic is "it's my right" - screw the public.

    Do these folks do our cause any good? In one way, if the public got used to seeing armed folks as a matter of routine - yes it would remove some of the spectacle of the event. Balance this with the gun fearing public's right to not be afraid. I'm a smoker and while I have the right to smoke - I do not have the right to force my habit upon you.

    Now GA is an OC & CC state and I have done both. When I do OC, I stay in the background and do not try to attract attention or force a confrontation. I generally only OC on either special occasions or for quick jaunts to the store. I have two special occasions I can relate.

    On July 1st, 2007 it became law in GA that you could carry in a restaurant that served alcohol (you can't drink while carrying though). To celebrate this event, our GA 2A rights group organized an OC dinner at a member's restaurant. It was pretty cool to be with over a 100 of my peers, enjoying dinner, while openly strapped. (We all wore our Sunday guns BTW, I was carrying a very pretty stainless 1911 in a black leather belt slide). During the event I was up near the front door chatting with the owner. About this time a young couple and their 2 small children entered. Their eyes got as big as saucers when they saw me. I'm 6-4, weigh 250, and had 2 pounds of stainless 1911 on my belt. They were starting to turn around and exit when the owner & I walked over and engaged them in conversation. Once we explained to them that they were in the safest place to eat that night in Marietta - they sat down and enjoyed their dinner.

    The 2nd event was our 2A groups 1st convention at a posh Atlanta hotel last summer. Probably around 350 of us spent a great weekend all while openly carrying. During this event, we had on the agenda a meeting with all the candidates for Governor of GA. One of the guest speakers was the state's attorney general - who is a 2A supporter. It was really cool to be chatting with the AG while I had my gun on my belt. The event went great and received NO press coverage as no blood ran in the streets.

    Anyway, OC vs CC is not a good subject for debate...
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    lol, every time I hear "young fella" I think of John Wayne! xD

    I laughed at the part where you told the couple that they were eating at the safest place in Marietta. I hope that they like guns more now.

    My intentions were not to start a debate between OC and CC.
    Dually noted never to start one though. thanks