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    a freind of mine is starting a commune in Guatemala in a year or so, 9 acres waterfront starter land, possibly a special deed which declares him his own state, negating some laws... I've looked into firearms well enough, but i prefer to talk to people about advanced topics.

    Whether there is or not a danger, if only for fun, i want to get heavily equipped when i get there. Minimum low-gauge shotgun and a pistol. my only experience with firearms is .22 pistol, .22 rifle (21 out of 25 in the 1 1/2" center of the target at 25 yards, iron-sights), .45 90 semi-auto pistol. I'm not sure about Guatemalan gun laws, but if i had it my way, id have a 10-gauge, AK47 FMJ, suppressed .45, and possibly a scoped carbine.

    A ten gauge, though i read something saying they are becoming obsolete, has a 60 foot/lb kickback, and I've seen them fired on youtube... what I'm wondering is, especially if the muzzle is sawed off, will a shotgun survive significant overcharging? i don't see any viable way to reinforce the barrel.
    I plan to get some cheap body armor off e-bay, which will also help pad the fire. they're selling SAS SDU LEVEL 4 Body Armor Assault Tac Vest for $25, and ill probably look into head protection. Lvl 4 is good up to FMJ AKs, and is represented realistically on a PS2 video game called Black, worn by the Russian Shotguneer, whom takes 100 AK rounds to incapacitate. 3.3 lbs.

    I don't really have to many question on suppression, AKs or scopes, but information revolving body armor, esp. extra-torso protection, and shotguns would be helpful.

    As well, would it be possible to find body armor which would fit an ~54 chest and waist?

    Due to my deep respect and resemblance in attitude for my 'enemy' on the game black, the Shotguneer, he stands about 6'6, about 300 lbs, wears lvl 4 body armor, kevlar (or something) helmet, metal mask and wields a 12 gauge Remington 870 or sometimes a SPAS 12.
    Sleep well, sweet prince.

    err... im 21 years old
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    Firearms are tools. Decide what jobs you want to be able to accomplish and then outfit accordingly. If you want a 10ga in order to hear a loud boom and get a sore shoulder, that's fine. For close personal defense, a 20ga is fine.

    Do yourself a few favors. First, verify the local firearm laws and don't break any of those laws unless you have a burning desire to see the inside of a Guatemalan prison. Second, don't use video games as a reference for effectiveness or suitability of firearms. Finally, if you're going to trust your life to body armor, you'd be smart to buy it from a reputable dealer rather than sight-unseen from an ebay auction.

    Why Guatemala? Personally, I'd go for Costa Rica (if I were moving out of the country).

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    I don't know if anybody makes the 10 Ga? Goose hunting is so popular here we even have an annual festival. Lots of old 10s here. I suppose the new super mag 12s kick more? Sure are loud.
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    Firearms info

    First, video games bear scant relation to reality. Yes- they make a 10 guage. Up to about 3.5 inch chamber. However, before you start rying to whomp up a Rambo Special, find out what the gun laws are in your host country. Also consider ammo resupply- lotta places carrry 12 guage- how many bodegas stock 10 g 3.5s? Body armor? Ever try wearing it in 95 degree heat- with 90% humidity? PS- most does not stop high powered rifle ammo.
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    Agreed. A good way from comfortable to miserable in .02 seconds... LOL

    When I was in Korea the heat index, which was measured heat plus humidity was in excess of 120F for almost two straight weeks. Talcum powder, baby powder, white cotton T-shirts, freezing your underwear for hours before going out in the sun - nothing made any difference 10 minutes after being outside the air conditioning.

    Do they make air conditioned armor? :cool:

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    Does anyone remember Jonestown? :eek:
    Sounds like a bunch of nuts who need to get a grip on reality.
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    Maybe, maybe not. Friends and I have looked into purchasing acreage for something similar, but we're not survivalists or religious kooks. It's more about learning and practicing self-sufficiency and being near families we can trust very well.