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    other forums sites out and out refuse a section like this,and I had it out with a moderator on another site for refusing a section like this,and especially for pellet guns and bows,they are shooting weopons people hunt with and have alot of tech to discuss.I think it's a good idea to have a section like this.Five stars to the creators of this site,they obviosly listen to their patrons.
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    I agree...

    I deffinately agree wtih you. Don't get me wrong, I dig guns as much as the next guy, and perhaps a little more in some cases. I am not only an FFL which sells guns but also a Texas Concealed Handgun instructor. Thus, I spend my time on the firing range as well as fingering the occational new gun, but non-lethal weapons do serve their purposes and people do like to discuss them.

    I have been an avid bow hunter for years now, primarily because I hunt in West Texas which has an abundance of deer which makes it a little easier on bow hunters. And since I work in a NAFTA free trade chemical plant were having a firearm in your vehicle or even bullets for that matter will get you fired, I can keep a Taser in my vehicle. True, it's not my XD 45, but it will put someone down from 15 feet away which is better than letting them get on top of me.

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