This a good gun, considering supply?

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    3 quick questions for a newbie

    I want to buy this custom AR-15 below, and and it will cost way more than it would be a few weeks ago (almost double at $1,300), but that's just the way things are right now seeing as they might be banned shortly. What are people's opinions? Would it be wise to purchase the gun below? Keep in mind, they ran out of the M&P lower's and are using their own replica version of it (see description).

    Seems like it's the only option available. On one hand, i will feel bad if assault weapons don't get banned and I just spent double. On the other hand, if they do get banned, this may be the best I could do. My question is whether it's the best I can do in the current climate of matters, and whether this gun is good quality, at least comparable quality to SW M&P15 Sport. I would have preferred to just get the SW M&P15, but that's impossible to find right now unless you spend lots more.

    Second question: Being someone who knows nothing about guns, I need help figuring out some decent 30 capacity magazines for the AR15. I see cheap ones and expensive ones (obviously, they are all more expensive than they usually would be). What should I get?

    Last question: if an assault weapons and 30 round magazine ban goes into effect, will it effect the sales of ammunition? Or will I still be able to buy 5.56 ammo no problem?
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    The best answer is nobody knows yet. I would get any AR, mags and ammo you can afford to buy that isn't being priced gouged. Good luck finding any ammo or magazines right now. They will (hopefully) be back in stock at (close to) normal prices before there is a law passed that states we can't buy any of the above. Most people are buying it all with the thought we won't be able to buy them, and then they can sell for a huge profit.

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    Bad link. IMHO, if you did not NEED an AR last year, why would you need one next year? Buying one because it MAY get banned and be unavailable in the near future is just silly.
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    Don't buy until the panic's over.
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    Buying anything semi-auto related right now is a really bad idea. The online auction websites are chock full of sellers trying to take prospective buyers for everything they're worth. There is no DI AR worth 4K. I kid you not, I saw Colt 6940's going for that figure. That's just silly. To me, no DI semi-auto rifle is worth that kind of money.

    I really had to justify the 2.5K I spent on a SCAR 17S. I wanted a semi-auto 7.62MM with better balance and ergonomics than a M14. The prices for magazines are pretty funny. I'd never pay $100 or more for a magazine.

    Your link is dead, but if anyone tries to sell something to you at twice the going rate, tell them "thanks, but no thanks". No AR-15 magically doubled or tripled in value over the past few weeks. AR-15's are one of the most common types of rifles in America. There's nothing special about a S&W Sport AR-15's, apart from the fact that they're made by a reputable firearms manufacturer.

    If the new AWB passes without a grandfathering clause, everyone who purchased at grossly inflated prices will simply have thrown away a lot of money. They won't be able to sell or transfer the weapons or magazines and they'll basically be stuck with expensive mistakes if the AWB passes with everything the gun stealers want in it.

    The bill won't pass for at least six months. Supply will meet demand, prices will fall, and those of us who were smart enough to wait will still have some money in our pockets.

    If the Chinese decide to refuse the funny money we've been printing out of thin air, it won't matter how many guns you have. Having food, water, shelter, and being debt free is a good idea at that point because you won't be buying or selling much of anything.