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    At the ripe old age of 67+ I was thinking of getting a 1911. I already have a Springfield XD45 Tactical that has been trouble free. I am on several forums and I keep reading about 1911 problems, feeding this don't work or that don't work. Then there is the Cost. I hear Colts are a good platform to start out with and can be customized to suit your tastes. Why would you pay Colt prices knowing that you're most likely going to have to spend more money in aftermarket to get what you really wanted in the first place and be faced with with the same mechanical problems that are still 1911 related? Could it be that the 1911 problems I read about are because there are so many of them (1911's) out there.
    Now that I have that out of my system I'm thinking about purchasing a Remington 1911 R1. Don't ask me why. I already have a reliable .45. The Remington seems like a middle of the road price.Nice finish. Not Colt's or S&W's high prices(I'd like either, but can't justify the cost). Do I really need another .45?
    I can't decide.
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    Many of us here, me included, are 1911 fans. While I own a wide variety of pistols, if I had to pick a favorite platform - it would be a 1911. Yup, some 1911s can be picky with defensive ammo, especially the "flying ashtrays", but I have found that most of these problems trace back to cheap magazines. Sadly, even the mags you get with a new 1911 generally aren't very good and I only use Wilsons, Tripps, and McCormicks in any of mine.

    Bottom line is everyone should have at least 1 1911...

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    At a conservative estimate, I'd say at least three fourths of the problems with Colt 1911 feed failures are caused by poor quality magazines. Find out what works and use them. This is a clear case of getting what you pay for.
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    I personally own a Springfield Armory 1911A1. I have shot it thousands and thousands of times with not even one single feeding problem.

    The only magazines I have for it are from SA.

    I've never handled a Remington 1911, so I cant give you any advice there.

    Bottom line for me is that whenever I really need a firearm. I trusty my 1911.
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    I've owned a Springfield Mil Spec, a Rock Island tactical, a Les Baer Thunder Ranch Special, a Dan Wesson bobtail Commander Classic and at present a 1927 Sistema 1911.

    The only lemon was the Rock Island and that is apparently an exception for that brand. All of the others were excellent right out of the box.

    The Sistema was purchased for $300. and has been a project gun that is now finished and being broken in.

    Unless you buy something manufactured by Bubba & Huck, you should wind up with a decent pistol. You do get what you pay for, but there are some surprisingly good quality 1911's out there for short money.
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    Got a Kimber Custom II paid $700 out the door with tax never had a single problem with it. I knew going in that mags were an issue so I purchased 4 wilson combat 8 rnd with polymer follower.
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    I have several 1911's in different calibers and configurations.
    IMO, one should go for the best quality you can afford. I'm not saying that the $3000 1911 is for everybody, just as a $319 is not for everybody.
    What I've read on the Remington make it appear to be a good value for the price.
    Good luck.
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    I hear you Chuck! I also have the XD45 with the geezer barrel; it is a wonderful handgun. I am quite fond of the .45ACP itself, having dug some out of the targets alongside 9mm and .38spcl rounds. I am attracted to the 1911 in its metallic magnificense, but i already have a good .45 ,and it is the one i would grab if i needed a defensive weapon and couldn't reach the shotty.

    I could pick up a 1911 as a target-shooting toy or for flatter packing concealment, but i have a nice revolver for target-terrorizing and don't plan to carry on a regular basis until some circumstances change. I want a 1911, but i'll be waiting for a deal and it probably won't be on a 1911 in .45ACP. There is this thing called a Colt Delta Elite available in 10mm and supposedly capable of handling the hotter 10mm loads that ruled the plains before being waived away by limp-wristed federalis; that is the deal i think i'm waiting for.

    Of course, if my nephew decides to sell his Springer Loaded, i'll be glad to keep it in the family. :)