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Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by mach1337, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. mach1337

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    So here lately I have been looking into my next project as my ar comes to a close and Im pretty set on a 1911. but as will all noobs i come with questions.

    Before we get to those let me tell you a short story. about 8 years ago(i was 16 then) my uncle comes down from illinois and askes to keep a few guns at my dads house cause he is goin thru a divorce and doesnt want his wife to get them or have to sell them either. And among these guns was a Colt 1911 stainless with black grips. well dad didnt have enough room in the safe for some of uncle johns guns so as will all the extra guns they went in my closet. needless to say i "found" a box of ammo and took her out for a shoot. This was the first pistol i ever shot! i was hitting the bottom of soda cans at about 15-25 yards every shot! i thought it was beginners luck turns out im not half bad with a pistol. And i have allways had a great love and respect for 1911's ever since. Dont get me wrong i like my tupperware too for different reasons(XDM) but i really still love 1911's and want my own.

    about 2 n 1/2 years ago i was at home on leave and bought my xdm and a kimber 1911 which i "sold" to my best man shortly after. its still at my house since he lives on base and cant have any guns there. but now i have been admiring it here lately and kinda wish i hadnt sold it. which now brings me to my questions.

    1st how hard would it be to aquire all the parts necessisary to build your own 1911. i know that there are tons of parts avaliable for them all over the web and in every gun shop from here to there. the reason i ask i saw a stripper frame for one at the last guns show. no ffl required and it was in the 90-130 dollar range.

    2nd is there any advantage to building my own? other then its personalized to me. Like say its cheaper or i wouldnt have to register it like if you did a 80% lower for a ar type build.

    3rd should i just buy one that i like and go from there?

    i read canes sticky on choosing a 1911 but still have to wonder.

    im also thinking about gettin a carbine that shoots .45 too dont really care about mag sharing. just lookin for something fun that shoots well.

    Thanks for all your time and reading this long mess and any advice/opinions given.
  2. danf_fl

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    You will not save any money assembling your own 1911.

    Most "inexpensive" kits (frame kit, slide kit) have parts that are mis-matched or of iffy quality (to get the ones that will do the job will cost almost as much as an RIA, each).

    If things do not match up (different manufacturers, etc...) then you have to have a good reference book of some sort to find out what specs should be.

    Bottom line, get a quality 1911 (the best you can afford) and have a quality firearm before you personalize as your own.

    Get to know how things work in it. Find out after putting a few rounds through it what you like and dislike.

    (Don't be afraid to buy used either. I've gotten great deals that way.)

    Sorry, I have no suggestion on a carbine.

  3. DrumJunkie

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    All the parts for a 1911 are pretty easy to come by. THe frame will be the only part that you need to get from an FFL. As far as cost I would imagine it be up to what you got. I have built them before and still do most all the work to mine now but I think I would be more inclined to buy one put together before building from scratch right now. If you want to but one than upgrade barein mind that as far as investments go you might be upside down on one pretty quick. I've seen plenty people buy a RIA then trick it out and wonder why no one wants to give them 1100 for it. If you want a Nighhawk then get one to begin with. Not to say you can't get something and change it around to better suit your needs. Just don 't go to the bottom and try and built it to the top. I've redone a couple Springers and was very happy with how it worked out. One of the points I usually tell peopel thinking about getting a 1911 is the idea that with so many aftermarket parts it's pretty ways to get one and change it to better suit their needs.

    Building one from the ground up is very doable. But not for someone that really does not have a good working knowledge of the platform. It is very different than AR build. There are mofre parts top deal with and if you're wanting to really get things highwer end you'll be hand fitting some parts. When it comes to 1911s it's a really good idea to get to know the platform very well before you start tinkering with them to an extent of building one.You can get all drop in parts but if you're going to built it you will want better than OEM parts. It would be your best bet to get a built 1911 and use that to learn more from.

    There's a lot of 1911 guys here at FTF. Look around the 191 forums and you will find a wealth of knowledge. And if you can't find an answer there are plenty here that can. :)
  4. JonM

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    one of the issues with building your own 1911 is the parts are not plug and play like an AR15. most require fitting to get the pistol to work properly. so you wont see stripped recievers sitting in gunshops like you do ar lowers. slides are the same way.

    it tends to cost way more to put together your own 1911 than buying a quality one.

    while the 1911 is probably the easiest auto-pistol to take care of yourself its also probably one of the most difficult to assemble yourself from random parts due to the fitting required.
  5. mach1337

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    Cool deal thanks for the heads up. I had figured on buying one before trying to build one unless it was more cost effective or there were other benifits. i really just want one that is a good all puropse gun. im leaning heavily toward a springfield, but really thinkin that i will buy a used one as i have no qualms with that especially since most of everything i got growin up was hand me downs from older cousins. ah the time has come to spend a nother few weeks or months doing research
  6. JonM

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    my opinion colt is the best out there springfield is a close second. the fit/finish on my colts is better than the springfield i have and ones ive handled. the new barrels colt is making are superb they feed anything you stuff in the mags right out of the box.
  7. Ubergopher

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    The only thing I dislike about my 1911A1 is the lower profile sights. I still haven't gotten use to 'em, especially compared to the wider ones on my Kimber, XD, and hell even the M9.

    Aside from that, my 1911A1 has feed EVERYTHING I've put through it, that includes a few rounds of .40 S&W when I made the mistake of being distracted at the range when loading a few magazines...
  8. canebrake

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    Ub, check this out:


    You only need to send in the slide, pick the sights you want and have Novak do the work.

    Machine both Front & Rear Dovetails & Install $115.00
    USPS Priority envelope to Novak $5.00
    Pick your sights $60 & up
    Return shipping $14.00

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