Thinking about an FTF Only class in FEB

Discussion in 'Training & Safety' started by ArizonaLawman, Oct 22, 2011.

  1. ArizonaLawman

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    I have got quite a few questions about taking one of my classes...I might just do that.'s what I am thinking if anyone is interested.

    POSSIBLY in February, I will do a 1 - day class ONLY for FTF members and their families (Your best bud would be okay too).

    $100 per FTF Member
    $175 per couple

    MAXIMUM ten students, as I am doing this at a HUGE discount...I am limiting class size.

    This would be a lecture and shoot class (8 - 10 hours)

    If you have interest...PM me.

    NOTE: Admin and Mods...if this is inappropriate...delete the post. I do NOT want to be a "profiteer" here or have folks think my membership is business motivated! I really enjoy this group more than the other forums, which I no longer even visit.
  2. trip286

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    Your too far away from me, but my cousin is stationed over in El Paso. He and his wife might would enjoy some of your classes even if he can't get to an FTF only class. According to Obama, he should be home pretty soon too.

  3. BenLuby

    BenLuby New Member

    Can't commit just yet. Long trip but if my schedule works, wife and I may try.