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So i figured it would be best to ask around what you guys would recommend a good 1st AR to buy between the price's of 800-1,500$ when i go to the gun shop and order one.
Seriously bro? You are opening up a serious can of worms with this post and this price range.

Yes. You can purchase an AR in the upper end of this price range that will probably do EVERYTHING you want it to do.

Yes. You can pick up a "first tier" USED platform in this price range quite easily.

But. Why not have one built to your specs, that fits you, and is one that you are going to feel comfortable with?

I would recommend talking to a qualified gunsmith about an AR in this price range that could make you happy.

Personally, I could build you a hell of an AR for well under your ceiling that will shoot 1/2 MOA all day long, as long as you don't want anything crazy in your gun package.

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