Things that make you scratch your head.

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    So lets here your strangest stories.

    Ill start

    It was a blistery cold day sunday about 4-5 days after that important guy gave a speech about gun control and a push for some supposed "assault weapons ban". And instantly my buddy wanted a modern sporting rifle. So we took of on a journey to a gun show in search for a stripped lower. As we walked in we seen tables plastered with these evil black rifles with price tags north of $2000 magazines nearing triple digits. Things didn't look good, we scoured finding assembled polymers lowers for $600-800. Eventually we came to a table and their she sat a stripped spikes lower. Josh (buddy) flipped the price tag over and looked at me like he had seen a ghost. I looked down only to avail a cost of $400. The guy behind the table asked if we wanted the lower? My buddy looked to me for approval. I told him just wait and we will order one off the internet for $120 and wait the 2-4 months for the back order. (What happens next is why i scratched my head) The guy behind the table hastily says "well where are you getting them and how that cheap i have a hundred on back order for $250 each 8 months out" I said "its a a manufacture in cali that has them should be about 2 months". His reply "well that cant be you better get it now they are signing the ban in right now". I reply with "the ban is not gonna happen and if it does it will be 8-10 months to be signed in. His reply(Here it is) "un nato forces are coming to america tuesday to take all our guns" i grabbed my buddy and walked out.
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    If the UN is coming on Tuesday why does he have 100 lowers on order for 8 months out?? He was one lousy salesman fear mongering to get some idiots money. What are those guys with blue helmets doing at my door??:rolleyes:

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    A country divided , Why do we make it so easy..?