Thin Blue Line Credentials

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by hydrashok, Jul 12, 2011.

  1. hydrashok

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    I overheard a small-town cop griping about the little black square sticker with a thin blue line... and how he pulled someone over who had one of those stickers, but wasn't a cop. He said he chewed the guy out and wrote him a ticket. I asked why he wrote him a ticket, and he said, "speeding". I asked if he'd have written the guy a ticket if he didn't have that sticker, and he said, "probably not..." :mad:

    I asked why the guy had the sticker, and he told me, "he said something like his uncle is a cop or something..." I asked if it was his uncle's car, and he said, "I dunno? Probably not..." :mad:

    I asked if he wrote cops tickets. He said he doesn't. I asked why he pulled the guy over in the first place if he thought the guy was a cop (because of the sticker), and he told me he'll pull cops over, but he doesn't write them tickets. But it made him mad the guy had the sticker but he wasn't a cop.

    I bought one of those stickers.... :D
  2. orangello

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    That cop sounds like a real limpdick.

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    All it really means is you have respect for the thin blue line LEOs walk. It has no legal meaning, such as the driver/owner of the vehicle is a LEO. That officer sounds like an idiot.
  4. Sniper03

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    That officer who ever he is, is pretty low life! And certainly poor judgement or stupidity which ever!
    I have lost three good LE friends including my Sheriff, who's name appears on the Wall in Washington. It is an honor to have anyone in the public pay respect to our LE fallen Heroes. Just like the Vietnam Wall Heroes of our day. I would respect the H--l out of someone who had the sticker for either. Maybe some day that officer will get his A-- Kicked for being stupid. Obviously questionable in my opinion if he should even carry a badge and honor our profession. I am sure that made a hit with the guys nephew who is the officer also. I am afraid if I was the officer I would be contacting him regarding his stupid demeanor and lack of respect. If it had been an active FOP sticker I might have been a little skeptical if he was using it for cause?

  5. hydrashok

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    Same officer gave someone a ticket for "Brake Checking" him yesterday... ROFL.

    I can't find anywhere in the Traffic Code where "Brake Checking" is illegal...
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    With an attitude like that it's just a matter of time before that officer incurs civil penalties for the district he is working in :cool:
  7. hydrashok

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    I should write a book on this guy!!!

    Ok, I'm changing the names to protect the innocent... and the oblivious!

    We'll call him "Officer Knight".

    This agency has two sergeants, Sgt Hand and Sgt. Hinks. The reasonable officer is Officer Black.

    Officer Knight made an arrest, and was working on his report when Officer Black came in to relieve him.

    Officer Knight: Maybe I could charge him with attempted murder?
    Officer Black: What? NO! You can charge him with aggravated assault.
    Officer Knight: But he used a deadly weapon.
    Officer Black: Was he trying to kill the guy, or did the guy suffer serious injuries?
    Officer Knight: No, but he used a deadly weapon!
    Officer Black: Whatever, dude.
    Officer Knight: I'm gonna call my sergeant.
    Officer Black: Which one? Sgt Hand or Sgt Hinks?
    Officer Knight: My brother. He's a sergeant at (a considerably larger agency).
    Officer Black: You're a f*ck'n idiot!
    Officer Knight: (on speaker phone) Hey, I had a guy hit someone with a bat. Can I charge him with attempted murder?
    (Brother on the Phone): You're a f*ck'n idiot! (hangs up the phone)
    Officer Black: (LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY!!!!)

    Yes, this conversation really happened.
  8. TheDaggle

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    My dad used to pull the "Police Interceptor" tags off the cars that were being decommissioned and stick them on family members' cars for sh*ts and giggles. My sister got pulled over by an officer who wanted to ask her about it (it looks a little out of place on honda civics). When she explained that her dad was a deputy and that he'd put it there, the officer evidently knew him because he proceeded to ask personal, current questions about him to make sure it was truth :p
    I never got pulled over, but I did have a cousin convinced that my Accord was an Interceptor model :D. "Yeah, you wouldn't believe what this little thing can do with that 5.0 under the hood" :p
  9. hydrashok

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    Officer Knight is on patrol one night when he sees a man washing horse manure out of his horse trailer with a water hose. The man, "Frankie", is a police officer in a nearby town, and the two know each other.

    Knight: Hey man, what are you doing?
    Frankie: Not much... just washing out my trailer.
    Knight: Well, where are you dumping it?
    Frankie: Dumping what?
    Knight: The crap!
    Frankie: Oh, I'm just letting it run off in the ditch.
    Knight: THAT'S NOT LEGAL!!
    Frankie: What???? What's not legal about it??
    Knight: You can't just dump sewage in the ditch!
    Frankie: It's not sewage! It's horse manure! It's the same stuff farmers use as FERTILIZER!
    Knight: Oh... I guess you're right...
  10. FatPat

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    lol Sounds like Officer "Knight" just wants to nip it! Nip it in the bud!
  11. moonpie

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    we've had several Officer Knighty-Knights here in L.A. too. one Officer K.K. spotted a "pot" patch behind a house. Officer K.K. knowing his duty went through the garden plucking all the evil weed before the violators could dispose of their guilt. with evidence tucked underarm he proudly strutted into the local station and was met by his superior who was almost as mad as the woman who had just phoned in to report her OKRA crop had been stolen by a policeman.