These old eyes !

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by dango, Aug 6, 2020.

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    Maybe I was the best wildebeest.
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    Hell Dango just start shooting blanks:D:p 667F3EB2-CCC0-4C02-B791-785DF3056781.jpeg

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    Know what else works well Dan? Testors florescent model paint. Wjite eear sight, and an orange or green front sight blade. They also make luminescent and glow in the dark paints. need is.some 1/8 fine.lone masking tape, detail brushes, white base paint, and a bottle. of thinner for clean up.

    SD handgun sights tend to suck, and tend to be low profile. Dad used to use white paint on his issued 1911A1, and jus M9,.in the Corps. He'd shoot without it, and score.low, still qualifying. With it, he.made, and He now uses the model.paint, after shooting a.few of my SD.and HD pistols.

    And even at 70,.fhe man cam.deliver 1 hole groups.
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    Does he paint the whole sight blade or just the indent?
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    I had glasses made for shooting. I have trouble seeing the sights on some of my guns. Not all strange huh? But any way. I had my son measure the distance from my eye to the rear sight on my Stevens crack shot rifle, It's a small rifle like the chipmunks and crickets. My glasses were made where the focal point starts at that distance. Im very happy with them. I got the safety glass in them. Polycarbonate i think?
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    I can appreciate the comments here regarding older eyes. Being a Range Master it was about two years when I could hardly focus on the Front Sight at all. Mostly depending on muscle memory from all the past years of shooting. That was until I embarrassed my self while being watched! I threw a round out in the 7 Ring of a B-27 Target. The officers there said "LT" are you OK what in the H**l was that? I then went and got new glasses which consisted of Tri-Focals and had to learn to use them regarding the correct focus point. Getting a little older now, this year I installed a set of Trijicon HD Sights on my Glock Model 22 and took off The Heinie Figure 8 Sights I had used for years that were getting hard to see now. And here is why! I can now very clearly focus on the Front Sight and the Rear Notch is U shaped. Simply set the Orange Ball of the Front Sight in the U notch, focus on the Front Sight and shoot. Very clear!:) They also have Tritium Inserts for night! Now being a Reserve Deputy for training purposes only and the need to also Qualify for my LE Presidential 218 Permit each year. I still must be able to shoot well and Qualify each year.
    Here is the HD Sights I installed.


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    Very similar to the Tru-Glo TFX Pro that I'm considering for an H&K P30. They're a u-notch 3-dot type, fiber optic and tritium, so enhanced day or night visibility. Good to see there are a couple of options, for this format.

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    I also looked at the TruGlo Sights. They also cost a little less than the HDs. But I do like the Trijicon HDs because the Round Orange Front Sight totally fills up the U Notch. So you do not have to visually align with equal space on both sides with the Front Sight in the Rear U Notch. And then I had a friend who had worked with me in the Industry that still works for a Police Supply Distributor for Trijicon who advised me, I can get the Trijicon HD Sights for you at good price. So that settled it!
    But the TruGlo Sights are also good sights and very visible for the older eyes!

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    After I did my new brake lines on my truck , I had a few feet of 1/8 inch dia. Left over . Just playing around with a very straight piece , I taped it to one of my Ruger .22 s . It was very hard to hold on visual point but was when I could manage to align that clear veiw through the line was very accurate . It made me wonder if possible to cast that in a pistol slide .

    The down fall of that idea was how long it took to find that line of site through something that long . Got me thinking of a shorter tube near the muzzle with a rear circular site .
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