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    just wondering ....with all the experiance in this forum what age did any of you start having issues with your sight ,as in using scopes /optics /binos /spotters 46 an have noticed a slight change in mine ...going to the eye dr. soon. i hunt with a nikon 3x9 prostaff on my .308 ,simmons 3x9 prohunter on my 30.06 ....but the weaver k4 on my 30 -30 marlin crosshairs are getting thinner and thinner.
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    I'm 45 and my eyes have been changing in new unamusing ways for the last year. I never could see well closer than 24" wearing my contacts, but now I have to take off my glasses to see anything that close. I recall the optometrist saying something about astigmatism but I wasn't paying much attention at the time. Anyway, life goes on...

  3. cpttango30

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    I will be 35 in a few days and my vision is still 20/10 20/15......
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    eyes ...

    ive found lately that fine print gets harder to read ..this past hunting season ...i did more glassing than ever before as our lease was clearcut ...(looking for deer in the clearcut )..once looking tru glass ,seem it took longer for my eyes to re focus after i took the binos down ...just strain /fatigue i guess ...did kill a damn good 8 .inspite of ocular
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    tango's peepers

    20/10 ....20/ that surviellance a 20 yr old hardbody female for 10 -15 minutes ....before you make an assault of her hot L im sorry couldnt help myself bud....myself at 46 ...checking out the 20 yr old females..with what im thinking would get me 10-15 yrs
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    I had cataract surgery on my right eye about 5 years ago due to the location of the cataract and someone touching off a 300WM with a muzzle brake next to me while I was looking through my spotting scope. :mad:The blast went behind my glasses and really hurt my eye. I did not realize how much until later that evening. My left eye was closed at the time. The left eye was not bad enough until this mornings check up. I am waiting for an apointment for the surgery. I will still have to ear glasses but it will be a lot better. Might even be able to pass the driving eye test.
  7. TacticalRx

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    My eyes started going at age 28. Distance vision that is. My Optometrist told me to start wearing reading glasses in front of the computer at age 40. I actually see WORSE with them on, but she claims it will help distance vision in the long run and my close up vision is deteriorating (like everyone else) with age.
    For shooting my solution is to use glasses that my company invented. (yes this is a psuedo ad) I know it's self serving, but it can also help out everyone who posted in this thread, except that guy with 20/10 and 20/15 (lucky SOB)

    We make custom vision solutions. We pioneered the wrap lens Rx technology over a decade ago when nobody else said it could be done. NOW we make high velocity impact resistant wrap frame custom glasses and we have some unique options.

    We make a shooting lens, that takes your reading Rx (for those of us needing reading glasses) and adjusts it to the distance to your front sight. THEN we put it in the top of the lens of your dominant eye. This way when you are ready to shoot, you tilt your head down just a bit (not up) and you will be able to see the front sight with one eye, and the target with the other. All while being ANSI z87.1+ certified impact resistant and stylish.


    We custom mill our own lenses in-house so that you have a single lens solution to your shooting needs.

    It works VERY well.

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    My eyes began to get worse about age 47. At that time I'd moved to civilization and begun looking at computers and television. I can't say for sure if it was age or the closer range stimuli that were to blame. But to quote my daughter at age 2, "I'm NOT happy!".
  9. fireguy

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    I had to get glasses to read a couple years ago. My eyes have steadily gotten worse for close in work since then. I can still watch movies at the theater, watch tv or spot game at a distance better without my progressive lens glasses than I can with them. It is frustrating to look through sights now, I have to make sure I am focusing on the front sight now more than ever.
  10. amoroque

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    My eyes are pretty bad without my contacts or glasses, but havent really changed a lot since I was in highschool.

    I've really been considering getting the lazer surgery.......but being so into shooting, it kind of scares me a little. I havent heard of anybody getting the procedure done with bad results.......but it would be just my luck they would screw something up.
  11. mrm14

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    My eyes started goin' south at about 48 years of age. I only need reading glasses as at last years eye exam the eye doc told me that I still had 20/15 vision. The only problem I have is anything at 18" or less distance to my mug and it's all blurry. Anything past that in distance, I can still see real good.

    Another thing that I noticed with my vision is driving a night. Everything seems darker. Road markers, lane stripes, and the smaller road signs seem not as bright as they did a few years ago. This decrease in vision at night while driving is sometimes nerve wracking to me.

    When it comes to shooting, the lack of close vision, has made it somewhat more difficult to get a clear picture of target using iron sights.

    What I get now with the peep sights on the rifles that have them is a blurry aperature, clear post, and a clear target, however, with a grey hue over the area of the target that I'm aiming at. Very frustrating. I've been told that using a smaller aperature in the peep sight will help this but I havn't tried it yet.

    With a scope all is well for me except for when I have the magnification cranked up around 18 to 20 power and the excess light smacking my pupil fatigues that eye fairly quickly. I use a pair of Wiley-X shooting glasses now with tinted lenses that reduce the light by about 80% or so and this has cured the problem of eye fatigue for me while using a scope.