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    There is almost always an assumption that the news media, politicians and want to be important people like sarah brady are ignorant where firearms and rights are concerned. Make no mistake they know what they are doing and they know the correct terminology for everything. Part of the reason they do not use the correct terminology is it does not instill fear, nor sound bad, so they make up names that will cause panic among the less informed.

    If we as gun owners and supporters of our rights use the same terminology as the enemy then we are playing right into their hands. Helping to fuel the fires of fear. So we should be using less scary names for what we love.

    Do not call it a clip no matter what; call it a magazine unless you are referring to an actual stripper clip.

    Do not call it an assault rifle, call it just a rifle.

    Do not refer to a rifle as a black rifle or military style rifle. Just refer to them as rifles because that is actually what they are.

    Do not refer to carolyn mccarthy’s “thing that folds over the top” as a barrel shroud, but rather call it a Upper Hand Guard

    Do not call it a concealed handgun, nor concealed weapon but use the term discreet carry.

    Do not call a cartridge a bullet; call it a cartridge, unless you are referring to the actual bullet part of the cartridge.

    Do not use the term sniper rifle when talking about any of your rifles, but rather call them target rifles or hunting rifles. (The military and police have sniper rifles not the civilian population.)

    Do not use the terminology Spray when talking about full auto weapons, because no gun sprays, only cats, anti-gunners, and garden hoses spray, guns fire, or shoot.

    Do not call it a high capacity clip/magazine but refer to them as standard capacity.

    Do not call bullets cop killers, because all ammo can kill, cop or not. Just call it ammunition, unless referring to armor piercing ammo.

    And do not refer to it as gun rights, but rather call it just rights because owning guns is a right not a privilege.

    These are but some of the little things we can do to help fight the fear factor that our enemies try and instill in the common person, and it just might make a deference in gaining a new supporter or losing one to the dark side.

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    Good one Opaww.

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    opaww, I agree with fully. Unfortunately you have those who through personal tragedy will never see the gun or any weapon as necessary in civilization and rally for support of their position. You also have those who have been raised in an environment without firearms will also fail to see the need for anyone to have them. A small minority of those may listen to some thoughtful, factual presentation about firearms, however I doubt that would sway their beliefs enough to change their opinions.
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    That is one of my biggest pet peeves. Very good post. I'll admit that I'm guilty of a couple of those.
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    This is something I just never understood. Even before I got back into shooting and when I was looking at which firearms to get this bothered me. I remember the remark by the salesman at the very first shop I went to when I asked to see the AR15 they had on the wall - "why do you want an assault rifle?".

    It just struck me as odd to call any rifle an assault rifle. My reply was "what's the difference between that semi auto and the 20 you have next to it?" Needless to say I did not purchase the rifle from there and I looked elsewhere, finally settling on exactly what I wanted ... a STAG SUR15 (sport utility rifle) ;)
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    Big thumbs up for the post and terminology. The only thing I am gonna say is that without the word "armor" being defined, then I say that nearly all types of bullets can be "armor piercing". Heck, I bet a Muzzy broadhead can "pierce armor".