The XD .40 I traded for

Discussion in 'Range Report' started by stalkingbear, May 28, 2011.

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    Well I took the XD I got in trade to the range today. It's gently used and shows no wear except for the finish on the barrel. At first I was disappointed in the trigger pull but got somewhat used to it. The trigger let go at about 5.5#, but being used to 1911s I wasn't expecting the creep and long reset. In firing 300 rounds of assorted ammo it eagerly digested everything we fed it. We set up targets at 20 yards for accuracy testing and I was pleasantly suprized at the accuracy. Then we practiced multiple target defensive shooting. Finally we tried some speed shooting. This is the first time with a .40. The recoil was very mild-milder than what I expected. I MAY have to give respect to polymer framed pistols. Side by side the 1911 won hands down however. Final opinion is it'll make a dandy truck gun which is what I wanted. See pics below.

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    Bear, how good do you shoot when you're awake?


    Because you take care of business while sleeping!

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    nice shoting for a poly gun!!
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    I am a 1911 fan as well and the only poly guns I own are two XDs. IMO they are the best of the tupperware guns.

    BTW, nice shooting!