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  1. Beneficial Products, Inc. is offering the world's most comfortable and most effective noise-reducing ear plugs for a promotional price of $1.95 at But don't just take our word for it-- before you try a pair, check out this 5-Star review we received from your own favorite FTF mod:

    What makes our ear plugs so good? Mighty Plugs have one of the best noise reduction ratings on the market, the same pair can be used for months at a time, the plugs won't come loose while you're wearing them, and most importantly: they won't make your ears hurt no matter how long you keep them in since they're so soft, moldable, and custom-fit to your ear. This makes Mighty Plugs the most comfortable ear plugs that exist in the entire world, and we'll back that claim up with a 100% money back guarantee that you won't be disappointed.

    Beneficial Products, Inc. boasts an almost unbelievable 98% customer reorder rate for our Mighty Plugs, which gives you some idea how much our customers love them. We're a favorite of recreational shooters, hunters, law enforcement and the military, so feedback from any FTF members who have been using our ear plugs for years is more than welcome. We're certain that we offer the best ear plugs in the world and that no other product comes close on either quality or price, so your satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed. Come check us out at today and take advantage of this promotional offer.

    For those of you who have previously tried Mighty Plugs or recently ordered them-- we'd like to encourage you to post reviews of your field tests. Also, please feel free to ask any questions you have about our premium quality ear plugs. We're very much looking forward to meeting all your hearing protection needs, and thanks so much from all of us at Beneficial Products Inc., and for giving us a chance to do so.

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  2. Yunus

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    I used a pair of these recently and really liked them. They fit my ear quite well which is something I have usually have issues with when I use the standard foamies(my ears are different sizes, I'm a freak!). These took only a few seconds to roll around in my fingertips and then they fit very well. The block sound quite well and I did not need or use a headset in addition to these. I had them in my ears for over an hour and when I went to remove them they came out as one piece. This was the only thing that I even thought might be a problem with them, during removal if they were to break up into smaller pieces they might be difficult to remove, but I had no issues with that.

    I would recommend this product for use on the range and especially for use as a backup or spare set for that person who forgot their own. They are far superior to the cheap foamies you can find and they are reusable, but I wouldn't share after they have been in my ears. :)

  3. cddbrowns

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    I would imagine having to fit them into a canine ear would cause problems. :D
  4. Thanks so much for your review, we really appreciate it. Also, just so you know, if you follow the directions we include for removing our ear plugs you won't ever have a problem, even in extremely hot weather. I can guarantee that's the case not just because I use Mighty Plugs myself everyday (and it's a million degrees here in Nashville right now), but also because I read all of the feedback that comes in from customers who use our ear plugs for motorcycle riding. For example, we just recently got a testimonial from a biker which reads: ""50+ days, 5k+ miles, 100+ Degree heat and the same plugs I started with are the ones I'll be using tomorrow.... Thanks for an excellent product."

    If you don't mind me asking, how do you rate our Mighty Plugs compared to foam plugs or other ear plugs you've used with regard to factors like comfort and noise reduction?

    Thanks again.
  5. 40calcliffy

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    Where's the best place to purchase quality plugs at a low price?
  6. CHLChris

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    On your list of testimonials, you should consider adding canebrake's ("Canebrake, Moderator of") words to your list. It could be a nice cross-promotion.
  7. Yunus

    Yunus Active Member

    There is no comparison on comfort, the Mighty plugs didn't feel like I was wearing plugs, regular foamies bother me after being in my ears for an hour or so, these did not. As for noise reduction, I would have to test them again directly against foamies in the same condition. That said, I thought they did just fine and I was at an indoor pistol range, shooting .45's , .40's and .22's. I don't know what calibers were being shot by others.

  8. @40calcliffy: I'd recommend:

    @CHLChris: Thanks for the suggestion. I just passed it onto my VP, hopefully we can get some cross-advertising for FTF soon.

    @Yunus: Thank you so much for your feedback, we really appreciate it. So glad to hear they're working so well for you.
  9. Thanks everyone for all the new orders. Anybody who's had a chance to field test them have any feedback they'd like to offer?

    Thanks so much.
  10. New Review: "so comfortable that you think that you must not have them in place"

    Quoting knfxda from:

    "The first time you put them on, you're not sure if you're doing it right. This is because they are not like foam earplugs that return to their natural shape as much as they can in your ear canal. Instead, these fill your ear canal and, as such, are so comfortable, that you think that you must not have them in place.

    My technique is to roll the earplug between my thumb and pointer finger to loosen it up and make it a narrower shape. Then I open my ear canal a little (similar to what you would do with a foam plug) and insert the plug. The plug will not remain "solid" like a foam plug, instead it will conform to your ear canal. I then work the rest of the wax plug into the "lower cup" of the ear so that nothing is extending out of the ear. This finishes the "seal".

    I tried them first at home and they really seemed to work. Used the dishwasher as a litmus test and it quieted it right down.

    I tried them at the range for the 1st time, yesterday. Fortunately, I was at the loudest range that I go to (which makes for the best test). The accoustics of this indoor range, just aren't good. Gun fire is not dampened as much as on other ranges.

    I always wear muffs over my ear plugs. I have partial hearing loss in one ear and need to preserve what is left and my good ear has become more sensitive since losing hearing in my bad ear. So, in my book, you can't have enough ear protection.

    The combination of my Howard Leight - Leightning(R) L1 Shooter's Premium Earmuffs (25NRR) and the BPI Natural plugs offers better sound redution and is more comfortable than pairing up my earmufs with Howard Leight - Super Leight(R) Shooter's Earplugs (33NRR).

    I was also able to remove my earmuffs to have a slightly involved conversation with my friend and was offered more protection that I have been in the past with just my earplugs. I, in fact, forgot that I had removed my earmuffs and had to retrieve them from my buddy's lane.

    I will continue to use these and am curious to see how long they last. If they offer a good lifespan, I'm pretty sure that these will be my permanent earplugs."
  11. Thanks everyone for all the new orders. Anyone else have feedback they'd like to share?
  12. chaser2020

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    Work As Advertised

    These are the best, most comfortable plugs I have used. They block out sound to the point you find yourself saying "what?" quite often when talking to others at the range.
    Slip a pair of muffs on with these for double protection and all you hear is a little pop sound.
    I gave a pair to a friend to try, so I'm sure another order will be coming in soon.
  13. chaser2020

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    Update- I have now been using these over a month at 5 matches and I still think they are the best. I especially like how you can mold to your ear each time. Unlike those mix together types that only seem to seal right the first time.
    My wife wears a pair at night for sleeping. She says I snore, but I want a second opinion! Lol!
    I still highly recommend these plugs.