The Womens Shooting team

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    The Women's Shooting Team

    Back in Missouri, Sarge belonged to a big gun club that was sponsored by the Western Electric Co. That company had a large amount of land (over a hundred acres) on which it's factory was built. So they provided ball fields and fishing lakes and a excellent shooting range for their employees. The employee's of this electronics company ran heavy to women. There being approx. 3000 women and only 1000 men employees. Sarge was president of the gun club and it was well known that he did the gun safety teaching also. After a suggestion by one of the women members of the council that no one had a gun safety course just for women, Sarge quickly seized on the idea and put up flyers on the bulletin boards. The turn out was unbelievable and had to be scheduled for 4 weekends.
    Now can you picture Sarge with 30 women all packing guns? Yes it was a very scary time of Sarge's life and could be responsible for some of his white hair. One or two women stood out and I will tell the story of them.
    The class had already started and one woman was missing. Just as the girls moved to the firing line, a car (shiny red mustang convertable) drove up and in it a vivacious blonde. Sarge left the firing line and went to the car. "Are you Sharon Curtis?" he asked. He thinks she said yes but his attention is transfixed by the outfit she is wearing. Scooping low blouse with a short short mini-skirt now hiked up to her Ummm seat belt. Finally shaking his head to clear his mind he asked if she had brought a gun with her. She reached over and brought out a large revolver from between the seats. The first thing Sarge noticed was that the hammer was completely pulled back to full cock. Grabbing the gun quickly from her hand he slowly let the hammer down and checking the cylinder found it loaded with .44 magnum rounds! "Where did you get this gun, ma'mm?" he courteously asked.
    "Why my husband gave it to me and told me to learn how to use it." she replied. For those that do not know what this man just did to his wife I will reveal. The 44 magnum pistol is one of the most powerful guns of that time. It is an experts gun and one that should be shot only with a very powerful grip by a person that is strong enough to handle the very harsh recoil. The little lady did not fit any of that criteria. Her husband was obviously a sadist.
    Sarge told the lady that he had a small .22 cal . pistol that she could use and save the big gun for shooting her husband ( joke, Sarge didn't really tell her that but he felt like it ) Soon the girls were all having fun and the time drew near for them to actually shoot the pistols they brought or was loaned to them for this class. These gals were having a ball. The shooting progressed and Sarge was helping one lady when a sudden shout caught his attention. It was the scoop bloused Blonde. The lady shooting next to her had an semi-auto pistol that ejects it's empty shell out the right side. And the hot shell found a perfect funnel for it to slide down. The blonde threw her gun down and grabbed her blouse or something and started jumping up and down going "ahh ahh ahh ahh or something like that" Sarge stood and watched in rapture at the action going on inside that blouse. Then he realized that the poor woman was hurting and jumped to the rescue.
    "I'll get it!" he yelled and proceeded to search for the offending hot piece of brass. The blonde continued to jump up and down only she was saying "oooh oooh oooh" or something like that. Finally Sarge found the hot empty cartridge and rescued the poor lady from pain. Everyone had a good laugh and the match continued. At the end of the lesson Sarge's assistant, Bob, asked Sarge about the lady with the hot blouse.
    "What was you doing in there?" he asked.
    "I was trying to find a hot cartridge case that was burning her, that was all." Sarge stated.
    "Well you sure took a long time finding it." Bob remarked.
    "Well I found it three times but something kept hitting my hand and knocking it out." Sarge lamented with a grin.
    The end of this one.
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    "feel" Good story

    empty ''casing'' ONE; Sarge 2 ; :)