The Wilderness Instructor Belt CSM Review

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    I received a new trouser belt today. The Wilderness 1 3/4" Instructor Belt CSM (combat Shooters Model with polyethylene insert for additional stiffness :)

    As far as a belt goes, this is pretty high on the hog, looking for a serious instructors belt. I did not need a quick disconnect (not pissing every ten minutes) and this buckle and belt combo is rated to surpass 8,000 load without failing. So I can keep eating!

    A good CC belt needs to be able to carry the load of a heavy sidearm, without sagging, which this sturdy belt does quite nicely.

    Ordered a 5x (I am not an off the rack kind of guy) and it was here in my hands in a week. Other belt makers were quoting me twelve weeks!

    Comes in several colors, but Henry Ford was correct, Black was the way to go for me.

    There web site makes it easy to order the correct size. If I loose weight, I am in trouble, like that is likely to happen. Without a holster, just pants, it is at the max for small, with room to expand for gear.

    This video review is pretty accurate, mine is a stiffer version of the belt, but the belt shown in this video, is still pretty good for not deflecting / twisting.

    Comes in a Titanium buckle, if that would be of interest, may pass through airports and check point screening without removing your belt.


    Mine with upcharges for size, added stiffening, freight, was $70 to my door. I am happy with that price.

    Will use this for EDC and for range instructor work.

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    Nice belt. I've trout about getting one. I'm sure I will someday but for now I cheated out and found a $15 one at Walmart which is actually fairly stiff. I don't have my CCW permit here yet, so I don't know how long it'll last (I'm anticipating not very).

    Yours sounds like a good choice. Glad you're pleased.