The wife's anniversary gift

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    The wife and I went to our LGS earlier this month to look around, and we came across this. An I. O. Hellcat .380. She handled it once, and fell in love with it, so I put it on layaway as an anniversary gift for her. Paid it off, and picked it up today along with an Uncle Mike's IWB holster and 100 rounds of 95 grain Magtech .380 ACP. $295 out the door.

    And to think, 10 years ago she had never even handled a firearm. Looks like I got lucky the second time around.

    Picturs taken during cleaning and ops check with snap caps.

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  2. winds-of-change

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    Very nice. Good looking little pistol. I'm glad you two are happy together.

  3. AmPaTerry

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    I get a warm glow in my stomach every time my wife handles - and LIKES - a gun.

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    Thanks Winds. The first one didn't work out in the end, but I am not complaining about that. I am much better off now than I was then.

    The only downside I have found with this lttle pistol is that they are no longer made, and this is the only one I have found for sale so far. After handling it myself, I want to find one as a back up for myself. It's a good fit in both of our hands. We'll take it to the range tomorrow and put some rounds through it to see if I can find any function issues, and if there are none it will go into her rotation.

    Bright side is, I may now finally get to carry my LC9 which she adopted when I brought it home. I've had it 2 years now, and I have only carried it once.

    Same here Brother. The only downside to her liking the ones we pick out (let's face it, if you're married you never can just buy for yourself 99% of the time) is that she will claim the one I have wanted as her own most of the time. That's how she wound up with the Sharp's Carbine. She bought it for me, and then fell in love with it at the range. I have fired it once at the range, and never gotten to take it afield in the 8 years I have owned it.

    Don't get me started on the Charter Arms AR7 that I have 8 hours of smithing time into to make it dependable. At least this time it's something she picked out for herself. ;)